We have been booked out twice in the last two years. Explore 3 of many stunning Tent projects that are wowing audiences,
despite global challenges.

1. Kanva Glamping, by K-Club

Where: North Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

How many Tents: 16 | 7 Deluxe Villas, 4 Luxury Villas with attached Swimming Pool Tents and 1 Library-Lounge

Tent sizes: 40sqm++ & 80sqm++ Tent Villas with additional areas for pools, terraces, gardens, becoming 75sqm and 120sqm approx respectively.

ADR: $320 - $450 (soft opening rates) and now at $600 - $875

About the Resort: "The concept is sensuality. You have your private jacuzzi set up for the night along with a chocolate dessert & champagne. Enjoy total immersion in the jungle, no internet in your space, and some games to reconnect with your partner.”

Kanva Glamping is an extension to K-Club by Kibarer which is a collection of 30 luxury Serviced Villas embedded in the rice fields.

2. Islas Secas

Where: 15 miles off the coast of Panama

How many Tents: 5 | 3 High-end Bedrooms ("Tented Casitas"), 2 Spa Rooms

Tent sizes: 40sqm++ Tent Villas with additional areas for outdoor bathtub & terraces, becoming 75sqm approx.

ADR: $2.500 - $4.500 full board (depending on the season)

About the Resort: “Welcoming no more than 18 guests at a time, our signature hospitality is crafted with authentic charm, a sustainability mindset, and bespoke excellence."

The Reserve & Lodge is a spellbinding private island destination where adventure dreams and wellness wishes materialize. Shrouded within a secluded 14-island archipelago, Islas Secas offers a precious and meaningful connection to one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems. Fully solar-powered. Offering private island buyouts of their 12 Bedroom luxury retreat.

3. Bali Beach Glamping

­Where: Pigstone Beach, near Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

How many Tents: 42 (now expanding to 52 for November ‘22) and building an additional first-of-its-kind Venue for Events & Weddings

Tent sizes: 25sqm Bedrooms | 14sqm Garden Houses | 40sqm Suites | Reception | Spa | Stunning all-weather 150-200pax Wedding Venue (coming this December)

Daily Rate: $80 - $220 based on Tent size & season.

About the Resort: Built & launched in the peak of the pandemic, Bali Beach Glamping (BBG) has built an outstanding brand as one of the most successful & booked out glamping resorts in Southeast Asia.

Well-loved by couples, families with both older children & infants, pet-owners, staycationers as well as both micro-influencers and top influencers from Indonesia & abroad.

This property consistently gets full bookouts and caters to a wider market. We are now installing their state-of-the-art Wedding Venue as well as working together to expand their brand to more locations.
Teaser preview of the Wedding Venue in production in our factories.
“​The best decision to develop our property with some of the strongest & most elegant Tents in the market, and truly the best team-

Escape Nomade’s service has been unparalleled​.​

Our Architects & Designers received generous support from them at every step, and now our guests can't stop praising the quality & experience their Tent Villas have created.

We are already working with them on 2 more projects."
-Roger Michel, Co-Owner, Bali Beach Glamping
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