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Mission Hotelier Indonesia magazine , established 2006 in Dubai , It is for the hotelier and hospitality professional who is a worker at any level. The magazine has a commitment to be a platform for those who are represent professional in hospitality industry. and to promote the concept of community in this fast growth industry.

Concept | Hotelier Indonesia magazine , covers hotel management companies and every major chain headquarters. Hotelier magazine reaches hotel owners, senior management, operators, chef and other staff who influence, designers, architects, and all buyers and suppliers for hospitality products and services more than any other hotel publication in the world.

Quality Readers | Hotelier Indonesia magazine , circulate and distribute on bimonthly basis for free of charge for qualified subscribers to restaurateur, management operators, chef and other staff who influence, recommend and purchase equipment, food supplies and ingredients used in the hospitality and F & B industries as well as decide location, interior design, recruitment, training, back and support and logistic and other affluent individual the industry upon request.

Cover magazine: Cover highlight profile and product on the industry..

Available for purchase on SCOOP Store , Magzter, Higo, Majalah Indonesia , Presspad, Wayang Force and Scanie for All gadget users .

To Advertise with us, Send email to [email protected]

The Magazine

  • All about Venues are randomly published here bimonthly, all new Restaurants, New Cafe, New Hospitality News about New Resorts and or New Hotel. We will put on events list from several places and new venue
  • Jobs Info! That’s the one which still in the best click so far, Yes when you be a member, you will continuously will received the update news of new Jobs Info of real Hospitality in Indonesia or around the globe. And if you are employer send your job opportunity to us
  • Get Linked with Linked In now, and connect to Indonesian Hotelier around the Globe, from staff level to Owners level. This will help you to find new network for your next career
  • Visit to Indonesian Hotelier Chapter Dubai now, find your best mate who now living in Dubai for their great achieved Career. Now Hotelier Indonesia also grow in Qatar , Iran, Holland, England and USA
  • HOT Brief : Message from the editor in chief . This is our comments, about Whats On regarding Hospitality News and Headline comments.
  • HOT Content : Features and content of the magazine per pages. On hard copy magazine this will be start from page 20 to page 30, will feature special contents.
  • HOT Team : Behind the scene team, address, contact, website and other use full information. Including Supplier Contact and Advertising.
  • HOT Mailbox : This section will be the interactive communication pages within the readers of Hotelier Indonesia magazine community. Write your letter to us, via SMS,MMS,Blackberry messenger, email,or fax
  • HOT Flag Carrier feature profile of key person/decision makers on the industry : business owner/top management level and professional executive. A representative of a brand whose not only aware of the market trends but can give their view on the industry, for positive contribution to readers.
  • Whos HOT The content will feature profile of key person and professional executive. Who work in the industry. This Interview will be very attractive and full of new surprise
  • HOT Destination Will be divide into 2 (two) pages featuring travel destination places and best accommodation in the industry both local and international. I.e. Hotels, villas, condo-tel, as well as management companies and every major chain headquarters worldwide.
  • HOT Notes: Management/Market for management | operators |F&B sectors,kitchen food processing |applications,suppliers,food products|ingredients/beverages. Food | Customer trends, interior design-locations, food | drinks creations consumer | creators,staffing factor | training/technology | supply chain management | exhibitions | conferences.
  • HOT Education Featuring education on the industry : Tourism study, courses, which give positive contribution to the readers. This useful info is great for those also who will have a plan to work abroad, or cruise ship passenger service
  • HOT Job The content will feature job openings in local and international industry.From local venue, Local Franchise, International Hospitality Jobs and Cruise ship Info and recruitment
  • HOT Plate Featuring culinary experience and the tips from top Chef in the industry. Related on their secret recipe which reveal their signature dish.
  • HOT Zone Featuring dining place within the region, including hotspot such as bar, clubs and other entertainment places.From warungs to diamonds stars Hotels and Resort
  • HOT Picks Life style feature in Beauty and fashion. Everything you need to work and to be well grooming, from make up suggestions and Uniform maintenance
  • HOT Stuff Life style feature in gear and gadgets. Gadget and technology of recent activity and future plan of hospitality plan, this will help us to find better solutions for better service to our guests
  • Whats HOT Life style feature in current books film, DVDs, CDs and others. This will include the hottest Songs and Musics albums around the world for hospitality
  • HOT Solutions This pages will be dedicated to sponsor for their financial solutions and other information on their product and tips which give valuable information to readership for their financial solutions and management.
  • HOT Event Agenda of current and upcoming event within the region. From gatherings to gatherings to Exhibition of Hospitality Industry
  • HOT Spot Compilation pictures of readership of Hotelier Indonesia magazine and its community , All Members and Readers may send their pictures for share to other Hotelier on events and or celebrations

Indonesian Hotelier Magazine on any gadget.Indonesian Hotelier Magazine First Spa Issue 2011 Now Out..Reach Indonesia’s New Markets on Hotels and Spa Edition. Hotels and Spa will be a focus in this issue.Advertising booking deadline due to long holiday, extended to : 10 September 2011.Advertising locations based on availability. Book early for prime spots.Contact: [email protected]

Indonesian Hotelier Magazine First Annual Technology Issue September 2011 .Reach Indonesia’s decision-makers on Hotel, Resort & Leisure Technology.Corporate Listings | Product Summaries | Hotel & Resort Management Systems | Spa Management Systems | Golf Club Management SystemsCase studies and content relating to Hospitality & Leisure Systems will be a focus in this issue.Advertising deadline: 25 July 2011,Advertising locations based on availability. Book early for prime spots.Contact: [email protected]
Free subscriptions are available to qualified subscribers.

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