The Jazz Club At Aman New York

Introducing The Jazz Club At Aman New York

Built as the Roaring 20s ushered in the revolutionary Jazz Age, Manhattan’s iconic Crown Building is now home to Aman New York – Aman’s second urban destination. On entering its third month of operations, the hotel’s exclusive gathering space, The Jazz Club invites both hotel guests and non-residents alike to enjoy a classic New York experience reimagined by Aman.

On the very pulse of Manhattan, representing the dynamism of this forward-looking city and the role music has always played in its cultural evolution, The Jazz Club claims its own secret entrance on West 56th Street, off Fifth Avenue. Inspired by the illicit energy and rebellion of Prohibition Era speakeasies without a trace of nostalgia, the 3,000-square-foot (280 sqm) venue is cutting edge in every way, providing the 21st century equivalent a century later.

With legendary musician and six-time Grammy Award nominee Brian Newman as Creative Director, up to the minute contemporary sounds merge with jazz influences and American Songbook strains to inform a diverse calendar of live performances. Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm to 2am, scheduling includes live music performances every evening from 7pm to 10pm and DJs from 10pm to 2am. Featuring both musical icons and the brightest new stars, each night’s programming features a diverse range of acts, bringing the buzz of downtown Manhattan to the heart of Midtown. 

Helmed by Arthur Backal, the management team includes Sebastien Lefavre as Managing Director and Briana Swan, a singer songwriter herself, as General Manager. Sebastien has been at the forefront of New York City night-time hospitality for the past 17 years, having experienced the full scope of the business in some of the city’s best-known and respected establishments including Gold Bar, Rose Bar and “et al”.

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A 1962 Steinway baby grand piano takes center stage with the venue’s innovative layout ensuring clear sight lines from every angle. Designed by Jean-Michel Gathy, moody tones reflect New York’s underground glamour and the highest quality finishes offer an exquisite materiality of every design feature, precluding anything but the most elegant dress code.


The Jazz Club is one of the most technologically advanced music venues in the city, comparable only to the Rose Theatre at Lincoln Centre and the Jimmy Fallon Show in terms of sound technology. The sonic experience is the result of a completely bespoke design and integration, utilising three of the most advanced acoustics technologies in the world from Meyer Sound Laboratories of Berkeley California. Constellation© is a revolutionary system enabling The Jazz Club to change the acoustic properties of the space to provide the proper sonic environments for different performance types.


In conjunction with over 150 loudspeakers and microphones, Meyer’s advanced digital signal processors actively adjust the sound signature of the room to elevate guest and performer experience. Conversation between guests at the same table remains clear and distinct, while surrounding voices and ambient noises are softly blurred to reduce impact. With floor to ceiling sound dampening treatment in the walls and microperforated mirrors, The Jazz Club has been designed for use as a studio recording environment or for performances that are to be recorded for television or broadcast. The Jazz Club has also been outfitted with network, audio and fiber optic patch bays to accommodate a variety of special technical setups - perfect for the most exclusive private parties, from album launches to post-award events.


The Jazz Club’s snack menu is distilled from Aman New York’s rarefied culinary offering. Beef tartare, pata negra, seared A5 wagyu and ahi spicy tuna complement lobster tartine and a signature truffled grilled cheese sandwich. The Jazz Club’s drinks menu captures the essence of Aman New York’s extraordinary wine and champagne list alongside the finest spirits. Meanwhile, original cocktails are inspired by twelve of Aman’s global destinations - from the Indonesian sanctuary of Amanjiwo which features pandan-infused mezcal and orange oil, to Amanemu in Japan, complete with sake and shisho bitters.


Address: 9 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019