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RobosizeME® secures industry leaders for Advisory Board

Specialist in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for hospitality to build on initial success

RPA to save staff from menial administrative and data tasks and secure thousands of people hours to manage staff shortages

Olomouc, Czech Republic - 29 November 2022: Award-winning travel technology start-up has appointed three industry stalwarts to its Advisory Board, as RobosizeME® beefs up its delivery team and RPA solutions to tackle staff shortages in the industry.

Douglas Rice, Riko van Santen and Simone Puorto bring a breadth of experience across the travel and hospitality industry as the company seeks to raise awareness of its managed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Douglas Rice is a global hospitality technology leader specialising in strategic projects, and market and product expansion. Widely known as the Founder and CEO of Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), and currently Managing Director of the Hospitality Technology Network, Rice provides strategic services to promising start-ups and small to mid-sized technology providers in the hospitality industry.

Riko van Santen brings expertise from over 20 years revenue, distribution, technology, digital marketing and loyalty experience. Currently Chief Information Officer and member of the management board at Kempinski Hotels S.A., van Santen’s hands-on hotel experience will further aid RobosizeME’s mission to provide technology which positively impacts the real-world experiences of guests and hotel operational teams.

Futurist and founder of the travel technology consulting firm Travel Singularity, self-proclaimed ‘Techno Majesty’ Simone Puorto will draw upon his technology innovation experience. In partnership with Hospitality Net, Puorto organised Polybius, the first travel and hospitality gathering in the Metaverse in May 2022, now a quarterly event.

RobosizeME was founded by Stephen Burke (formerly of Sciant and RateTiger), is based in the Czech Republic and recently launched its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service for the hospitality industry. Burke remains CEO.

Speaking on behalf of the Board, van Santen said: “We are excited to be onboard with RobosizeME. Automation has potential for exponential growth in the hospitality industry and can address some key operational challenges by processing repetitive tasks. This will ease the workload on hotel staff particularly in revenue management, front office and in finance teams, allowing them to re-center on adding value to the business and to guests. As a group, we believe our experiences in technology and hospitality will help Stephen and his team grow awareness of automation’s potential and make RobosizeME synonymous with RPA.”

Burke added: “Our RPA services have been carefully constructed with hotels in mind. We want to free the people from important yet menial administrative and data tasks to let them focus on driving the strategic objectives for the business and building memorable experiences for their guests. The new Advisory Board will help us achieve that goal.”

RobosizeME was winner of the Judge’s Choice Award at the Entrepreneur 20X competition at HITEC 2022, and shortlisted in the Skift Idea Awards 2022.

For more information on RobosizeME and RPA within hospitality, visit

RobosizeME is a registered trademark in the EMEA and APAC regions and should be written as RobosizeME®.. For USA/Americas based publications, it is a trademark and should be written as RobosizeME™.


RobosizeME® is a process automation specialist for the global hospitality industry, helping companies automate operational processes. RobosizeME virtual robots automate hospitality’s administrative processes by updating systems for essential business data to optimise human effort in all areas of hotel operations, including reservations, front of house, back office, revenue management, group sales, engineering and meetings and events.

RobosizeME helps experienced staff to focus on guests and delivers the business cost-effectiveness and value. RobosizeME virtual robots are fully built, maintained, supported, and hosted, including the connectors to hospitality IT systems and the automation software licensing.
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Since 1986 we continue our way with our professional team and successful designers. Our products are customizable therefore our customers can add their own pleasures.

The positive feedback of our customers define our quality. Our products are easy to assemble which lowers the cost of export by minimizing the volume of packages.

We provide our furniture in a wide range from private residences to public areas such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. We evaluate the material, color and measurement details together with our architects.

5A design team aims to synthesize various cultures considering sustainability, practicality and technology. Our greatest motivation is to continue our way with the unique 5A products beloved by the next generations.

5A Around The World

As 5A team, we are creating new dialogues by bringing together our products with the customers and the designers from different places around the world. Our products are present in more than 40 countries.

The variety of our products allows us to make common projects such as cafes, restaurants, dentist clinic, hotel and waiting areas.


5A team aims to hold each manufactoring step under control by keeping the production in-house. Therefore, it becomes easier to overcome urgent projects or any abnormalities during the whole process starting from the order to delivery date. Each manfactory unit has its own structure to supply a better quality for our customers world wide.


5A production team produces the skeletons and legs of chairs, lounge chairs and sofas. This unit is the first part where designs are born.


Based on traditional methods, the woodworking unit produces table tops, chair legs and couch skeletons.


The team polishes and coats the produced wood and iron products with natural materials and organic methods.

Moulding & Foaming

Foaming section covers the metal skeletons with polyurethane moulded foams. They shape the wooden skeletons with upholstery rubbers. Hence, they make the final preparations before fabric coating.

Cutting & Sewing

Customer fabrics are cut and sewed precisely. The slice and diamond shapes on the coverings are made. The fabrics become cloth for the products.


Cut fabrics and clothes upholstered to the skeletons and moulded foams. The products get ready for assembly.


Products that consist different parts come together. Finishing is done. The final touches for customer delivery are completed.

Quality Control

Products that are approved by the control in production are transported to the central warehouse. The headquarter recontrols the products and gives the final approval.


Products that are quality checked are carefully packaged to avoid damage during all transport operations. The destination country and customer code is labelled


Ikitelli Masko 5A Blok no:27-29 Istanbul / Turkey 
Phone: +90 212 675 02 64 
Mobile: +90 541 675 02 64 
Email: [email protected]
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We have been booked out twice in the last two years. Explore 3 of many stunning Tent projects that are wowing audiences,
despite global challenges.

1. Kanva Glamping, by K-Club

Where: North Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

How many Tents: 16 | 7 Deluxe Villas, 4 Luxury Villas with attached Swimming Pool Tents and 1 Library-Lounge

Tent sizes: 40sqm++ & 80sqm++ Tent Villas with additional areas for pools, terraces, gardens, becoming 75sqm and 120sqm approx respectively.

ADR: $320 - $450 (soft opening rates) and now at $600 - $875

About the Resort: "The concept is sensuality. You have your private jacuzzi set up for the night along with a chocolate dessert & champagne. Enjoy total immersion in the jungle, no internet in your space, and some games to reconnect with your partner.”

Kanva Glamping is an extension to K-Club by Kibarer which is a collection of 30 luxury Serviced Villas embedded in the rice fields.

2. Islas Secas

Where: 15 miles off the coast of Panama

How many Tents: 5 | 3 High-end Bedrooms ("Tented Casitas"), 2 Spa Rooms

Tent sizes: 40sqm++ Tent Villas with additional areas for outdoor bathtub & terraces, becoming 75sqm approx.

ADR: $2.500 - $4.500 full board (depending on the season)

About the Resort: “Welcoming no more than 18 guests at a time, our signature hospitality is crafted with authentic charm, a sustainability mindset, and bespoke excellence."

The Reserve & Lodge is a spellbinding private island destination where adventure dreams and wellness wishes materialize. Shrouded within a secluded 14-island archipelago, Islas Secas offers a precious and meaningful connection to one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems. Fully solar-powered. Offering private island buyouts of their 12 Bedroom luxury retreat.

3. Bali Beach Glamping

­Where: Pigstone Beach, near Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

How many Tents: 42 (now expanding to 52 for November ‘22) and building an additional first-of-its-kind Venue for Events & Weddings

Tent sizes: 25sqm Bedrooms | 14sqm Garden Houses | 40sqm Suites | Reception | Spa | Stunning all-weather 150-200pax Wedding Venue (coming this December)

Daily Rate: $80 - $220 based on Tent size & season.

About the Resort: Built & launched in the peak of the pandemic, Bali Beach Glamping (BBG) has built an outstanding brand as one of the most successful & booked out glamping resorts in Southeast Asia.

Well-loved by couples, families with both older children & infants, pet-owners, staycationers as well as both micro-influencers and top influencers from Indonesia & abroad.

This property consistently gets full bookouts and caters to a wider market. We are now installing their state-of-the-art Wedding Venue as well as working together to expand their brand to more locations.
Teaser preview of the Wedding Venue in production in our factories.
“​The best decision to develop our property with some of the strongest & most elegant Tents in the market, and truly the best team-

Escape Nomade’s service has been unparalleled​.​

Our Architects & Designers received generous support from them at every step, and now our guests can't stop praising the quality & experience their Tent Villas have created.

We are already working with them on 2 more projects."
-Roger Michel, Co-Owner, Bali Beach Glamping
Send me more information

Click here to explore more Projects

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Manufacturers combine to launch Consultant roadshow in Phuket

Hoeller Manufacturing, the international designer and manufacturer of bespoke buffet systems, and KOPA Grilling Solutions, the specialists in solid fuel grilling solutions, are to host the first in a possible series of specialist events for major consultants in India and the surrounding regions.

The event, to be held in Phuket, Thailand between 2 – 4 December 2022, provides an opportunity for consultants to learn more about the respective manufacturers’ high quality, highly reliable equipment and design-led solutions. Product presentations will be complemented by discussions and an opportunity to network with peers engaged in major projects.

For Hoeller, this includes an innovation that allows operators to alternate between hot and cold buffet service throughout the day, virtually at the flick of the switch, while using exactly the same plate. For KOPA, it includes a suite of charcoal-based cooking platforms including its popular KOPA FirePlace which enables customers to create the perfect cooking station from a range of cooking equipment, from flat grills to rotisseries, pizza ovens to smokers, and swap in/out different equipment as needed to adapt to changing menus.

Joachim Hoeller, Founder of Hoeller Manufacturing, says its mission is to deliver customised systems: “We can create solutions for consultants to any size, design, material, colour and function, often within very tight budgets. A feature of our systems are low profile cooling and heating generators that are not only very quiet but also take up less space under the counter, leaving more room for a better customer/operator experience,” he says.

Miran Stirn, Managing Director of KOPA Grilling Solutions, agrees that flexibility is key: “Our mission is to create memorable dining experiences, but it is also to create memorable cooking experiences for those who use our equipment. While we have typical sizes, and use standard materials, principally stainless steel to ensure product quality, our key differentiator is that everything we build can be bespoke. It is anchored to a core belief that a consultant should be able to imagine a kitchen and we design our equipment around them, and not the other way around.”

The event is to be held at Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, Thailand.

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Incheon Airport Selects Geberit Pluvia Roof Drainage System For Enhanced Passenger Safety and Comfort

SINGAPORE, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Infrastructure safety remains an utmost priority when it comes to construction projects, especially those designed to serve consistently high traffic in one of the most popular locations in the world. Incheon Airport, the primary airport of Seoul, South Korea, continues to rely on the excellent Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system to ensure heavy rain is a non-issue.

With decades of experience, Geberit has set high standards when it comes to roof drainage, the Geberit Pluvia system has proven to be an effective solution for conditions everywhere. Utilizing the principle of negative pressure, the syphonic drainage design enables rainwater to be collected to fill the pipes completely and create a closed flowing water column that suctions the water off the roof effectively. This allows for an increased discharge capacity for a high volume of water at any given time.

Flexible system for faster cost-effective installation

As a system, implementing Geberit Pluvia roof drainage requires fewer roof outlets to achieve a high discharge rate, allows for increased planning flexibility by saving on stacks, and any space can be maximized further due to horizontal pipelines without slopes. Leveraging the Geberit ProPlanner or Geberit plug-in for Autodesk Revit using artificial intelligence also makes planning and calculations easier and more accurate, leading to more material savings, faster installation, and minimal installation time needed for maintenance.

During the construction of the Incheon Airport Terminal 1 back in 2000, the Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system was installed as part of its safety precautions. Two decades later, in 2020, the Terminal 2 expansion works are still ongoing, with the Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system again tapped to be central to the process. There are a total of almost 200 Pluvia outlets and around 5,900 meters of Geberit high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes installed at Incheon Airport.

Tested to deliver consistency and efficiency

All Geberit Pluvia outlets are constructed with reliable sealing and a flange gasket. The tightness of every roof outlet is tested to deliver consistency and efficiency, and the rotating lock bar makes for easy installation.

The fastening system implemented also ensures that there is always ample support in all conditions. The Geberit Pluvia fastening system is ideal for lightweight roofs with the help of support rails, with fastening points only required every 2.5 meters to protect the infrastructure.

As for the Geberit HDPE pipes create a proven and robust pipe system that is firmly bonded, guaranteeing leakproof welded connections that will get the job done.

For more information about Geberit Pluvia products and services, visit the company website:

About Geberit

The globally operating Geberit Group is a European leader in the field of sanitary products. Geberit operates with a strong local presence in most European countries, providing unique added value when it comes to sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics. The production network encompasses 26 production facilities, of which 4 are located overseas. The Group is headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. With around 12,000 employees in approximately 50 countries, Geberit generated net sales of CHF 3.5 billion in 2021. The Geberit shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and have been included in the SMI (Swiss Market Index) since 2012.

Source: Geberit South East Asia Pte Ltd
Airlines/Aviation Chemical Construction/Building Real Estate

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KOPA to showcase its innovative oven designs at Food Hotels Asia KOPA Grilling Solutions, the specialists in charcoal ovens, is to showcase its full range of bespoke dining solutions at Food Hotels Asia (FHA), including a linear grilling suite to help accommodate multiple cooking styles depending on the needs of a chef and restaurant. 

KOPA has a range of cooking equipment, from flat grills to rotisseries, pizza ovens to smokers, and can design solutions that enable swap in/out different equipment as needed to adapt to changing menus. The linear grilling suite comprises both a Parilla, the popular open drop-in style grill for slow cooking, and a rotisserie. 

KOPA will also be exhibiting its Smoking Oven, which combines a charcoal and smoker oven; its Robata, a Japanese-style open multi-level charcoal grill oven; and its Hibachi and Yakitori, a tableside grill with a stainless-steel body that prevents the surrounding area from becoming too hot. 

As well as products, KOPA will also be highlighting a series of new innovations. These include its new soft-closing door design which allows users to open and close the door with ease due to its light weight and heat-safe surface, and the use of ceramic wool insulation to keep the heat inside the cooking chambers for longer. 

Miran Stirn, Managing Director of KOPA Grilling Solutions, says the event is ideal to showcase KOPA’s innovative designs: “As we have a flexible production method and an internal design team that enable us to constantly innovate in response to what chefs are telling us, KOPA welcomes and even encourages requests for bespoke items. The goal of KOPA is to ensure that the chefs and foodservice consultants are comfortable using the tools they need in a busy restaurant and kitchen environment. 

“FHA HoReCa 2022 is the perfect event where foodservice equipment industry leaders will be able to experience what KOPA has to offer.” Food Hotels Asia (FHA) HoReCa event is being held in Singapore from 25th to 28th of October 2022. 

It brings together the most comprehensive line-up of the top foodservice and hospitality suppliers in the world.

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Mechline Prepare To Showcase Portfolio Of Kitchen Hygiene And Fogs Solutions At Fha-Horeca, Singapore (25-28 October 2022)

British-based foodservice equipment manufacturer Mechline Developments are preparing to take their innovative range of kitchen hygiene and FOGS solutions to the world's leading foodservice & hospitality event in Asia: FHA-HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café)—bringing both distribution and service opportunities to the region.

Mechline’s proven product range will be showcased from stand 4H3-07, with their award-winning HyGenikx air and surface sanitisation system taking centre stage. Designed to improve air quality and hygiene across all hospitality areas, HyGenikx is compact, wall-mounted and easy-to-install in any location, from back of house and front of house, to refuse areas. 

It eradicates viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus; eliminates harmful E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria from the environment; and extends the shelf-life and quality of perishable food for longer. HyGenikx even removes unpleasant odours by tackling them at source – making it the perfect addition to washrooms, as well as foodservice areas.

Another key range to feature on stand 4H3-07 is Mechline’s complete suite of grease and FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease and Starches) management products. This includes BioCeptor: a combined technology system that effectively traps, and then breaks down, kitchen FOGS, to help prevent blocked drains, bad odours, and compliance issues. 

With its unique and powerful bio-fluid formula, BioCeptor not only helps operators prevent FOGS from entering the drainage system, but also reduces the operational cost of maintenance by extending the servicing requirements by up to 12 weeks*, or longer, depending on usage.

To find out more about more about FHA-HoReCa, please visit:
To find out more about Mechline developments, please visit

Mechline’s experienced team are available to advise on the best solution to suit your requirements and can be contacted on 01908 261511 or via email on [email protected].


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From wine fridge to cooler: Say hello to the Hielo®

The Hielo Wine Cooler

The Hielo® is the first and only modern wine cooler which can maintain a consistent temperature for over an hour on the tabletop. With no contact with the ice, and no drips, bottles stay chilled for longer, with less spillage and greater hygiene. The Hielo® does not need to be plugged in if you want it to keep your beverage at exactly the same temperature. It has been designed in order to look incredibly beautiful as well as being extremely functional.

Savor your wine in style with

The Hielo Wine Cooler

Relax at your hotel and enjoy those amazing reds or whites, but never cool it for the same reasons. It's easy to see why, with our Hielo Wine Cooler, you can now have a chill glass of your favorite wines at any hotel! What's more, it saves energy in comparison to traditional ice buckets.

If you have ever found yourself stuck with a wilting bottle of wine at the end of a long night, this Hielo Wine Cooler could be just the answer. The Hielo Wine Cooler not only keeps bottles upright on all occasions, but with an efficiency rating of over 92% and emissions cuts that are asthma-friendly - this cooler can really help you save!

Push the boundaries of what an
ice bucket can do

Hielo® is a wine cooler that not only allows you to enjoy wine with each consecutive glass, but also serves it to you at the optimum temperature.
Hielo lets you experience exceptional quality without compromising on your style.
By using the Hielo® wine cooler you can save approximately 92% energy/emissions over the standard ice bucket.
This product has been COe assessed.
It also cuts the cost of excessive ice use compared to traditional wine coolers and ice buckets.


Perfect drinking temperature
Keeps wine at fridge temperature for an hour on the tabletop.

Efficient Cooling
Thermal conductivity keeps wine cool, naturally and effectively.
Crafted from aluminium
A simple, modern design that’s effective, stylish and sophisticated.

No direct contact with ice
A simple, modern design that’s effective, stylish and sophisticated.
Uses just five ice cubes
Less waste, less cost and better for the environment.

Why Hielo® Wine Cooler?

Making and storing ice is expensive, time consuming and can cause significant environmental damage. The Hielo® keeps wine chilled for longer with minimal resources and effort – making it less costly both to you and the planet.

Available In Four Finishes

Black Hielo® Light Gold Hielo® Gunmetal Grey Hielo® Elite Bronze Hielo®

Simple And Efficient

Hielo Wine Coolers are created with innovative technology, cutting-edge design and the finest materials available. With patented features and a patented system, Hielo brings cool to a whole new level.

Hielo® – the eco friendly wine cooler that keeps wine cool at the table for over an hour. Designed with intelligence, it simply maintains a perfect temperature.

Watch The Video

Hielo® is officially distributed by

Get in touch today to find out how this intelligent, eco-friendly wine cooler could transform your venue’s dining service with true tableware innovation.

Visit our website for access to our entire product catalog or reach out to us below if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

+44 203 3755533

D Chadha Consulting Ltd has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and is equipped to serve both global brands and local chains. Our brand partners hold approved supplier status and are specified for most multinational hotel groups. We have an extensive reseller network that can provide a solution to your needs, no matter how big or small they may be. With operations in the UK and Philippines, we’re able to service clients from all over the world! We understand how important it is to keep up-to-date with technological advancements so that your guests enjoy a superior experience every time they stay at one of your properties. That’s why we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all products meet or exceed industry standards before being offered on our website or through any of our distribution channels worldwide. We'll ensure to work closely with you every step of the way so that your business goals align perfectly with ours.

Copyright © 2022 D Chadha Consulting Ltd. - All Rights Reserved.
UK Company No. 12358738 | UK VAT No. 371 6841 81
Phone: +44 203 3755533 | Mobile: +44 7920 533209

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Puratos partners with Shiru to explore sustainable, plant-based protein ingredients for baked goods

The aim of the partnership is to discover new, nature-identical ingredients with innovative functionalities that are good for people and the planet.

Brussels, Belgium, – Puratos, the industry leader in innovative food ingredients and services for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors announced today a new partnership with Shiru, a functional ingredient company for the food industry. Puratos’s purpose is to move the planet forward by creating innovative food solutions for the health & well-being of people everywhere. The goal of the collaboration with Shiru is to find new functional, plant-based ingredients that can bring innovation to bakery, patisserie and chocolate products, while improving sustainability and nutritional values without sacrificing taste. The partnership complements the existing product innovation strategy of Puratos that focuses on bringing disruptive solutions that improve consumers’ health & well-being that underlines the company’s deep-rooted commitment to future generations.

Shiru’s discovery platform Flourish™ uses bioinformatics and machine learning to search through hundreds of millions of naturally-occurring proteins to identify promising candidates that match a specific desired food function—in this case, for use as ingredient(s) in baked goods. Using precision fermentation and high-throughput screening techniques, Shiru then produces these proteins in their lab and evaluates their performance as ingredients. The end result is an ingredient that can be produced sustainably at scale by Puratos to bring brand-new functionalities or to replace an animal-based product, without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

“Puratos already offers a full range of plant-based solutions that enable the removal of dairy, eggs and butter with taste, texture and functionality as close as possible to the traditional counterpart. What is most important is that we have unequivocal evidence showing that these plant-based alternatives are significantly better for the planet. Life-cycle assessment of the environmental footprint of these products concludes that the impact of our plant-based egg-wash alternative, Sunset Glaze, on the planet is 59% lower than pasteurized eggs, while the impact of our plant-based butter alternative, Mimetic, is three times lower than dairy butter. Together with Shiru, we will be able to accelerate our plant-based product innovation pipeline for the benefit of our customers and consumers”, said Paul Baisier, Chief R&D Officer at Puratos.

“With the large market opportunity the baking industry presents us, partnering with Puratos was a natural fit in developing our functional protein ingredients,” said Jasmin Hume, Shiru CEO and founder. “Puratos is a global leader in the industry, and by working together, we have the chance to make a major impact towards a more sustainable food system.”

With Puratos, Shiru will scale production and testing for the target functional proteins, accelerating the timeline for making these ingredients available in baked goods for consumers. Puratos has a strong history of innovation in the food space, a track record of partnerships with universities and start-ups, and of using technology to enable breakthroughs. In addition to the ingredient development aspect of the partnership, Shiru is also exhibiting in Puratos’s PuraDome, a cutting-edge FoodTech Center where the harsh conditions of planet Mars are used as extraordinary inspiration to stimulate food innovation.

“At Puratos, we truly believe that collaborations can fuel innovation within the food ecosystem,” stated Paul Baisier, Chief R&D Officer at Puratos. “As a company rooted in biology and science, Shiru is the perfect partner in the Puratos’s journey to finding novel uses for proteins discovered by Shiru’s FlourishTM platform as functional food ingredients that are sustainable, healthy and delicious.”

About Shiru

Shiru is an ingredient company for the plant-based food industry that’s on a mission to improve the sustainability of our food system. Using a combination of machine learning, bioinformatics, and precision fermentation, Shiru is uncovering new uses for naturally-occurring proteins as functional ingredients that can replace animal-based products used in food today. Founded in 2019, Shiru is developing a growing range of functional ingredients, initially focused on scaling up ingredients for gelation, egg replacement, and structured fats functions. Powered by a team of technology experts and food industry veterans, Shiru is working to reduce the world’s reliance on animals for food by providing delicious, cost-effective, healthy, and sustainable alternatives. Shiru is based in Emeryville, California, and is backed by leading venture capital firms such as S2G Ventures, Lux Capital, and CPT Capital. For more information, visit

About Puratos

Puratos is an international group, which offers a full range of innovative food ingredients and services for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. We serve artisans, retailers, industrial and food service companies in over 100 countries around the world. Our headquarters are located in Belgium, where the company was founded in 1919. At Puratos, we believe that food has extraordinary power in our lives. We do not take such a responsibility lightly. This is why we aim to help customers be successful with their business, by turning technologies and experience gathered from food cultures around the world into new opportunities. Together, we move the planet forward by creating innovative food solutions for the health and well-being of people everywhere. For more information, visit

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Even a snowy winter is no barrier for our strong & elegant Tent Villas

Top 5 commonly asked features:

1. Temperature tolerance:

(-20°C) to +50°C | Because of the multiple layer of fabrics & quality of insulation we use on the roof as well as walls.

2. Snow load:

206,72 kg/m2 (42.33 psf) | This is possible because of the heavy-duty internal metal framework that supports our fabrics, and the special board-like Insulation we use within the roof.

3. Easily install equipment:

AC, Inverter, Fans, Heater | Standard machines as you would use in a standard hotel room or home. Our Architecture & Design Team consults you throughout the process.



­4. Inbuilt bathroom:

With standard sanitaryware | Vanities, Luxury showers or shower panels, WC's, Bathtubs and other fixtures. Source them from us or elsewhere, it will all fit seamlessly.

5. Room sizes:

25sqm-500sqm+ | Possible with a number of add-ons- Extended canopies, Terraces, Attached pods, Corridors and upgraded walls made of either teak wood or composite. Composite is recycled teak dust & polymer- Easy to maintain, insulated, looks luxurious and gives an elegant touch with its matte finish. Makes your project more eco-conscious as you use less wood, but still get those ‘solid walls’ in.


­About one of our Snow Tent projects: A short drive from Tokyo, Keikoku Glamping promotes the concept of “village life”. Surrounded by mountains, you can spend your time feeling the great outdoors with all five senses. The sound of the river flowing right next to the tent and the sounds of birds and insects lying on the bed or sofa are the real pleasures of staying in the great outdoors.

“Hard to believe it is a part of Tokyo."

Send me more information
Escape Nomade- Luxury Tented Villas & Bespoke Interiors
WhatsApp: +62 0 819 5115 522
Email: [email protected]
Our Headquarters: Ubud, Bali | Our 2 inhouse factories: East Java, Indonesia
140+ Projects currently in 42 countries.
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As operators search for solutions to mitigate labor costs, many see the rising adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a way to help bridge the gap, enabling leaner teams to get more done, faster. Read more.

“Technology is growing and changing every day – we all know this. Finding ways to best harness it while staying authentic to the brand and our sense of genuine hospitality is paramount,” says Becky Rogers of IDM. Read more.

SHR will join more than 200 hospitality solutions providers aimed at helping your business increase profitability and day-to-day efficiency. Meet Patrik Norman and Yannis Anastasakis to learn how SHR can help you! Schedule time.

3 Things You Need to Know