5A Design

Since 1986 we continue our way with our professional team and successful designers. Our products are customizable therefore our customers can add their own pleasures.

The positive feedback of our customers define our quality. Our products are easy to assemble which lowers the cost of export by minimizing the volume of packages.

We provide our furniture in a wide range from private residences to public areas such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. We evaluate the material, color and measurement details together with our architects.

5A design team aims to synthesize various cultures considering sustainability, practicality and technology. Our greatest motivation is to continue our way with the unique 5A products beloved by the next generations.

5A Around The World

As 5A team, we are creating new dialogues by bringing together our products with the customers and the designers from different places around the world. Our products are present in more than 40 countries.

The variety of our products allows us to make common projects such as cafes, restaurants, dentist clinic, hotel and waiting areas.


5A team aims to hold each manufactoring step under control by keeping the production in-house. Therefore, it becomes easier to overcome urgent projects or any abnormalities during the whole process starting from the order to delivery date. Each manfactory unit has its own structure to supply a better quality for our customers world wide.


5A production team produces the skeletons and legs of chairs, lounge chairs and sofas. This unit is the first part where designs are born.


Based on traditional methods, the woodworking unit produces table tops, chair legs and couch skeletons.


The team polishes and coats the produced wood and iron products with natural materials and organic methods.

Moulding & Foaming

Foaming section covers the metal skeletons with polyurethane moulded foams. They shape the wooden skeletons with upholstery rubbers. Hence, they make the final preparations before fabric coating.

Cutting & Sewing

Customer fabrics are cut and sewed precisely. The slice and diamond shapes on the coverings are made. The fabrics become cloth for the products.


Cut fabrics and clothes upholstered to the skeletons and moulded foams. The products get ready for assembly.


Products that consist different parts come together. Finishing is done. The final touches for customer delivery are completed.

Quality Control

Products that are approved by the control in production are transported to the central warehouse. The headquarter recontrols the products and gives the final approval.


Products that are quality checked are carefully packaged to avoid damage during all transport operations. The destination country and customer code is labelled


Ikitelli Masko 5A Blok no:27-29 Istanbul / Turkey 
Phone: +90 212 675 02 64 
Mobile: +90 541 675 02 64 
Email: [email protected]
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