The Hielo Wine Cooler

From wine fridge to cooler: Say hello to the Hielo®

The Hielo Wine Cooler

The Hielo® is the first and only modern wine cooler which can maintain a consistent temperature for over an hour on the tabletop. With no contact with the ice, and no drips, bottles stay chilled for longer, with less spillage and greater hygiene. The Hielo® does not need to be plugged in if you want it to keep your beverage at exactly the same temperature. It has been designed in order to look incredibly beautiful as well as being extremely functional.

Savor your wine in style with

The Hielo Wine Cooler

Relax at your hotel and enjoy those amazing reds or whites, but never cool it for the same reasons. It's easy to see why, with our Hielo Wine Cooler, you can now have a chill glass of your favorite wines at any hotel! What's more, it saves energy in comparison to traditional ice buckets.

If you have ever found yourself stuck with a wilting bottle of wine at the end of a long night, this Hielo Wine Cooler could be just the answer. The Hielo Wine Cooler not only keeps bottles upright on all occasions, but with an efficiency rating of over 92% and emissions cuts that are asthma-friendly - this cooler can really help you save!

Push the boundaries of what an
ice bucket can do

Hielo® is a wine cooler that not only allows you to enjoy wine with each consecutive glass, but also serves it to you at the optimum temperature.
Hielo lets you experience exceptional quality without compromising on your style.
By using the Hielo® wine cooler you can save approximately 92% energy/emissions over the standard ice bucket.
This product has been COe assessed.
It also cuts the cost of excessive ice use compared to traditional wine coolers and ice buckets.


Perfect drinking temperature
Keeps wine at fridge temperature for an hour on the tabletop.

Efficient Cooling
Thermal conductivity keeps wine cool, naturally and effectively.
Crafted from aluminium
A simple, modern design that’s effective, stylish and sophisticated.

No direct contact with ice
A simple, modern design that’s effective, stylish and sophisticated.
Uses just five ice cubes
Less waste, less cost and better for the environment.

Why Hielo® Wine Cooler?

Making and storing ice is expensive, time consuming and can cause significant environmental damage. The Hielo® keeps wine chilled for longer with minimal resources and effort – making it less costly both to you and the planet.

Available In Four Finishes

Black Hielo® Light Gold Hielo® Gunmetal Grey Hielo® Elite Bronze Hielo®

Simple And Efficient

Hielo Wine Coolers are created with innovative technology, cutting-edge design and the finest materials available. With patented features and a patented system, Hielo brings cool to a whole new level.

Hielo® – the eco friendly wine cooler that keeps wine cool at the table for over an hour. Designed with intelligence, it simply maintains a perfect temperature.

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