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From wine fridge to cooler: Say hello to the Hielo®

The Hielo Wine Cooler

The Hielo® is the first and only modern wine cooler which can maintain a consistent temperature for over an hour on the tabletop. With no contact with the ice, and no drips, bottles stay chilled for longer, with less spillage and greater hygiene. The Hielo® does not need to be plugged in if you want it to keep your beverage at exactly the same temperature. It has been designed in order to look incredibly beautiful as well as being extremely functional.

Savor your wine in style with

The Hielo Wine Cooler

Relax at your hotel and enjoy those amazing reds or whites, but never cool it for the same reasons. It's easy to see why, with our Hielo Wine Cooler, you can now have a chill glass of your favorite wines at any hotel! What's more, it saves energy in comparison to traditional ice buckets.

If you have ever found yourself stuck with a wilting bottle of wine at the end of a long night, this Hielo Wine Cooler could be just the answer. The Hielo Wine Cooler not only keeps bottles upright on all occasions, but with an efficiency rating of over 92% and emissions cuts that are asthma-friendly - this cooler can really help you save!

Push the boundaries of what an
ice bucket can do

Hielo® is a wine cooler that not only allows you to enjoy wine with each consecutive glass, but also serves it to you at the optimum temperature.
Hielo lets you experience exceptional quality without compromising on your style.
By using the Hielo® wine cooler you can save approximately 92% energy/emissions over the standard ice bucket.
This product has been COe assessed.
It also cuts the cost of excessive ice use compared to traditional wine coolers and ice buckets.


Perfect drinking temperature
Keeps wine at fridge temperature for an hour on the tabletop.

Efficient Cooling
Thermal conductivity keeps wine cool, naturally and effectively.
Crafted from aluminium
A simple, modern design that’s effective, stylish and sophisticated.

No direct contact with ice
A simple, modern design that’s effective, stylish and sophisticated.
Uses just five ice cubes
Less waste, less cost and better for the environment.

Why Hielo® Wine Cooler?

Making and storing ice is expensive, time consuming and can cause significant environmental damage. The Hielo® keeps wine chilled for longer with minimal resources and effort – making it less costly both to you and the planet.

Available In Four Finishes

Black Hielo® Light Gold Hielo® Gunmetal Grey Hielo® Elite Bronze Hielo®

Simple And Efficient

Hielo Wine Coolers are created with innovative technology, cutting-edge design and the finest materials available. With patented features and a patented system, Hielo brings cool to a whole new level.

Hielo® – the eco friendly wine cooler that keeps wine cool at the table for over an hour. Designed with intelligence, it simply maintains a perfect temperature.

Watch The Video

Hielo® is officially distributed by

Get in touch today to find out how this intelligent, eco-friendly wine cooler could transform your venue’s dining service with true tableware innovation.

Visit our website for access to our entire product catalog or reach out to us below if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

+44 203 3755533

D Chadha Consulting Ltd has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and is equipped to serve both global brands and local chains. Our brand partners hold approved supplier status and are specified for most multinational hotel groups. We have an extensive reseller network that can provide a solution to your needs, no matter how big or small they may be. With operations in the UK and Philippines, we’re able to service clients from all over the world! We understand how important it is to keep up-to-date with technological advancements so that your guests enjoy a superior experience every time they stay at one of your properties. That’s why we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all products meet or exceed industry standards before being offered on our website or through any of our distribution channels worldwide. We'll ensure to work closely with you every step of the way so that your business goals align perfectly with ours.

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Groupe Gm Announces A Relaunch Of The Clarins Amenity Line

The two companies have worked together to reimagine the popular hotel line, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability

September 20th, 2022, Changzhou: Groupe GM, the international leader in hotel amenities, has announced the relaunch of the Clarins hotel line, perfumed with the iconic Eau Dynamisante. Redesigned to better reflect Groupe GM's sustainability goals, this specially tailored product range will be made available worldwide thanks to Groupe GM's extensive distribution network.

It all started with a holistic vision of beauty

It all began in the first Clarins Institute on rue Tronchet, Paris. It was 1954 when Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened this pioneering establishment where he presented his holistic vision of beauty. In his mind, beauty, well-being and health were one and the same. Here, he encouraged a dialogue with his clients. Very happy with the tailor-made solutions offered at his Institute, more and more clients came to test the Clarins technique and the first oils made from 100% plant extract.

The results, both immediate and long-lasting, were there. And with them, success! This vision, influenced from the start by the brand’s founder, continues to inspire today’s treatments, products and techniques. “I wanted to make a connection between medicine and beauty, between science and the cosmetic world” - says Jacques Courtin-Clarins, founder and chairman of the Clarins Groupe.

The new and improved line

The new eco-friendly Eau Dynamisante hotel line features 30 & 60 ml, 100% recycled plastic bottles, including the caps. The range consists of an invigorating shower gel enriched with ginseng, a rejuvenating body lotion enriched with hazelnut oil, a refreshing shine shampoo enhanced with ginseng, and an invigorating shine hair conditioner infused with shea butter. All available in a 30 & 60 ml size.

The line also features a hand gel and a gentle foaming cleanser enhanced with cottonseed. Both are available in larger eco-responsible formats such as the Ecopump. This 300ml dispenser is made of 100% recycled plastic and bioresin pumps.

Enriched shea butter cream soaps complete the Clarins line. The soaps are certified by the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and packaged in the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) white and red cardboard boxes.

All products within the reimagined Clarins line feature the signature Eau Dynamisante scent. Eau Dynamisante perfectly symbolizes the brand's expertise when it comes to the art of using the aromatic and sensorial powers of essential oil. Iconic, invigorating treatment fragrance, Eau Dynamisante combines the aroma and skincare benefits of concentrated plant extracts to hydrate, revitalize, and perfume skin. Formulated with aromatic essential oils of Citrus Fruit, Patchouli, Bitter Orange, Rosemary, and White Thyme, this invigorating fragrance promotes a feeling of freshness, vitality, and well-being. Its’ exhilarating scent which is subtle yet lingering helps to revitalize, lift the spirits, and energize consumers.

The Clarins amenity line will introduce Ecofill, a new, larger and refillable packaging solution that will be made available in the coming months. The patent-pending innovation from Groupe GM is the only eco-friendly, refillable, and traceable dispenser with changeable sealed pouches. It’s a clean, safe, fast, and easy solution with a minimal environmental impact. The refillable pouches are made from only 8g of recyclable plastic for 400ml and can be easily swapped out and changed.

Care About Earth

Thanks to the eco-designed products and large size options, the Clarins amenity range is now fully in line with Groupe GM’s Care About Earth program. Launched in 2018, the Care About Earth initiative aims to strengthen Groupe GM's environmental and social actions. The program’s objective is to reduce the impact of the hospitality profession on the environment. The program demonstrates Groupe GM’s commitment to developing sustainable products and its corporate efforts to lower their environmental impact.

Laurent Marchand, CEO of Groupe GM commented, “We are delighted to be revamping this popular line with our partner Clarins to ensure it falls in line with the standards and beliefs held by both our companies. Groupe GM is dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability and both of our companies share an important commitment to the environment. This collection of amenities is consistent with our Care About Earth program and we believe that it is ideally suited to guests’ needs. We look forward to launching this renewed amenity line in hotels worldwide!”

For more information, visit the Groupe GM website:

About Groupe GM:

An international player in the hospitality sector for 50 years, Groupe GM creates, produces, and distributes cosmetics and accessories for the hotel industry in more than 80 countries, on all continents. Drawing on an international network of specialists, Groupe GM manages a unique portfolio of more than 35 brands. In addition to its own brands, Groupe GM signs exclusive licensing agreements with recognized international brands specializing in cosmetics, fashion, design, and spa. Groupe GM offers flexible and comprehensive solutions, allowing hoteliers to differentiate themselves through their hospitality product offering.
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FCS Computer Systems

We enable hotels to deliver the best guest experience. : Founded in 1982. Global headquarters in Singapore. 200+ employees worldwide.

We build. : We build technology solutions that enable hotels to deliver the best guest experience.

The best guest experience. : You and your customers are at the center of everything we do. Every product, every feature, everything.

Human technology. : We believe technology should help bring out the best in people and amplify their strengths.

Trusted by the world's best hotels : We are the leaders in hospitality technology with more than 8,000 installations in over 5,000 hotels around the world.

24/7 Global Support :With 19 offices around the world, we provide 24/7 phone and email support in your language.


FCS Connect Guest Services Management | FCS Housekeeping Operations Management | FCS Engineering Maintenance Management | FCS Recovery Glitch Management | FCS Concierge Services Management | FCS Laundry Operations Management | FCS Messenger Mobile Communications | FCS Analytics and Reporting


FCS Gateway and Call Accounting | FCS Voice and Digital Messaging


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Global Support 24hrs
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About Revenue Opportunity Uplift Calculator:

Revenue Opportunity Uplift is an aggregation of IDeaS G3 RMS clients where IDeaS monitors a typical 90 day time period of a property’s booking activity measured against the same 90 day time period if IDeaS G3 RMS decisions were not applied to the business. The resulting uplift shows incremental revenue beyond other factors that influence performance like market conditions.

Based on the attributes selected the uplift range represents hotels similar to you that have experienced these results. Results are not guaranteed and may vary based on system usage, market conditions, data sample and/or baseline policies.

Loyal clients, fueled by unbeatable technology and service.
More than 95% of clients we have ever worked with are still with us today — from leading hotel chains and management companies to independent hotels and car park facilities

Click Now to Calculate

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Oracle Hospitality for Food and Beverage—Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family

A New Category of Engagement Device
Deliver exceptional guest experiences with the Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family. Three sleek yet rugged point-of-sale (POS) terminals deliver superior performance and maximum efficiency with style.

View the Data Sheet

  • The Next-generation Workstations
  • Modernize experiences by delivering digital content to both staff and guests
  • Spill-resistant and operational in a wide range of temperatures
  • No moving parts for long-lasting durability
  • Integrated design ensures consistent content delivery across multiple devices, from tablets to workstations
  • Attach to an adjustable stand or mounts to a wall for maximum flexibility
  • Sleek styling complements any decor with a smooth appearance, low profile, and small footprint
Sales or Product Enquiries
Sales Toll Free Number :
62 21 2555 2100

[email protected]

Mailing address:
P.T. Oracle Indonesia
Sentral Senayan 1, Office Tower
9/F, Jl. Asia Afrika,
No. 8 Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

Tel: 62-21-2555 2168
Fax: 62-21-2555 2008



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Welcome to Zees, the only place where you are guaranteed sweet dreams for the rest of your life!.

Zeesindo International is the home of premium comfort bedding products and excellent customer service. We are a company that provides superb bedding products across Indonesia and the Asia Pacific regional markets.

Our expert team is made up of dynamic idealists who have up to 15 years experience in bedding products design, supply and services and 20 years in manufacturing. We are experienced in designing customized mattress specifications for different chains of big clients in the Hospitality sector and, our clientele base consists of vast networks of organizations in the hospitality sector across the world. Our products are supplied based on ‘specific’ customer needs and expectations.

Our brand is built on; undivided customer focus, creative entrepreneurship, team spirit, constant and positive change and uninhibited passion. Some of our happy and satisfied clients which we have worked with include big international hotel chains like Starwood Group, Marriott, Intercon Group, Accor Group and Hilton Group amongst others.


Visit our factory is easy, there are two routes: 1. You can take the Jakarta Int'l airport toll road and drive all the way to the back door of the air port and from here it is only about 15 minutes to reach PT. Zeesindo Internasional. 2. You can also take the toll road of Jakarta-Merak and exit Tangerang-Serpong-Cikokol and drive to center city of Tangerang of Tang City Mall, from here it is about 15 minutes drive.

PT. Zeesindo Internasional

Jalan Benua Indah Raya No.88-B, Kawasan Industri Nambo Jaya, Kel Nambo Jaya, Tangerang Kota, Banten 15120 Tel: 021-5535373, email: [email protected]

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PT. Supranusa Sindata

Complete End to End integration, guarantees a fast and easy workflow.Powerful tool to provide great guest experience while achieving optimized management efficiencyOur Channel Manager is dedicated to automate your room inventory distribution across an extensive network of OTA'sConnectivity to a multitude of third party applications to enhance your revenue & customer experiences.Saving your valuable time, effort & cost


Jl. Bukit Gading Raya
Perkantoran Gading Bukit Indah Blok O No. 3-5
Jakarta 14240 - Indonesia
Phone: (62) 21 - 451 36 78 (Hunting)
Fax: (62) 21 - 451 38 45
Email: [email protected]

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