Spunky Food

The rapidly expanding Thai food manufacturing start-up Spunky Food Co., Ltd. is aware of its obligation to advance ethical sourcing practices and sustainable production methods. Unlike other companies, we want to be one of the most significant food production startups and use our power for the greater good rather than trying to be the biggest. Beyond promoting our plant-based company Chivi, our attitude and top priority is to increase everyone's access to plant-based goods. The Thai word "Chivit" (which means "life") is where the name "Chivi" comes from. At the Thaifex Anuga Asia 2023, we can't wait to debut our plant-based brand Chivi - Thriving on Plants!

Plant-based nutrition, we believe, should be as economical, enjoyable, and sustainable as possible. Tempeh, in particular, is one of the most environmentally friendly products on the globe, and we are excited to share our experience running one of Thailand's largest fermentation plants.

Every Chivi product is created in Thailand, with close ties to local manufacturers, farmers, and their knowledge. We have a thorough understanding of our business partners and farming communities, and we support local farmers through direct procurement to ensure that all ingredients in Thailand are sourced responsibly and locally. Our Jasmine rice is sourced from a small group of farmers in the Sukhothai area, which is known for its endless green paddies. We use only the finest coconuts from Samut Songkhram, Amphawa area in Central Thailand, which is noted for its distinct sweet taste and aroma.

We urge our business partners and guests to discover the potential presented by our plant-based brand Chivi at our booth in Hall 11 - SS 63, including a fantastic tasting experience of our Tempeh toppings, in a sustainable manner.

Thai Boat Noodle Meal Kit (Egg Noodle Style)

Thai Boat Noodles meal kits are a delicious and authentic way to experience the taste of Thailand at home. Each kit includes everything you need to create this classic dish, including pre-measured portions of noodles, broth, and spices. With both vegan and non-vegan options available, these meal kits are perfect for any food lover looking to explore Thai cuisine. Bring a taste of Thailand to your kitchen!

Ready-to-Cook Meal Kit
Prepared in no time (3 Minutes)
No Palm Oil
Size: 105 g / 3.70 oz
Packaging: Foil
Storage information: Store in a cool, dry place.
Shelf-life: 12 months
Barcode: Yes
Country of Origin: Product of Thailand

Spunky Food Co., Ltd. is a food manufacturer located in Phatum Thani (Northern Bangkok, Thailand). We are proud to have formed partnerships with major retailers in Thailand, including 7-Eleven with almost 13,000 stores, as well as Big C, Mini Big C, Lotus, Jiffy, and Villa Market. We export to Australia, China, Lao and the United States. Besides our growing range of brands / products, we also do Private Label Manufacturing for Australian, Thai, and US businesses. The cornerstone of every company is a committed team with passion and drive to propel brands & products to the next level. We are foodie scientists, quality controller, accountants, graphic designers, inventory specialists, and dedicated people in the production line. We thrive to provide the best possible service to our business partners in Thailand and abroad, as well as to all consumers worldwide.

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