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The Leading Towel Brand in Indonesia Contributes to the Restructuring of the Travel and Tourism Sector

31 January 2023 - The tourism industry plays a significant role in contributing to the country's foreign exchange. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the number of foreign tourists in the tourism sector by 75% by 2020. It is a difficult challenge for tourism industry participants to face. In order to recover from declining tourism conditions, the right strategy is required to increase tourist interest and ensure economic stability in the tourism industry.

Captions for photos: (left to right) Wilson Pesik (CEO Terry Palmer Hotelier), I Gusti Nyoman Agung Windha (Director of the Bali International Tourism Institute), I Made Suwitra (Director of the Terry Palmer Hotelier Bali Branch), and Husin (Director Terry Palmer).

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, tourist visits to Bali will increase significantly through 2022. This is due to the large number of national and international events held, as well as policy changes that encourage tourists to return to the Province of Bali. The number of foreign tourists arriving in Bali Province reached 12 thousand per day, while domestic tourists arrived at 11 thousand per day. Growth necessitates competition among tourism industry players to improve services, facilities, and quality. One adaptation made to these conditions was the availability of high-quality bath and bed linen products to meet the needs of overnight guests.

Meanwhile, widespread facility improvements that were not matched by suppliers' product availability led to a quality gap between supply and demand.

"The biggest obstacle for most hotels in Indonesia is the difficulty in finding the suitable partner partners, especially when the tourism industry has started to recover from the pandemic," I Gusti Nyoman Agung Windha, a specialist in the hospitality sector, said. Indicators taken into account by players in the tourism industry when choosing the best supplier include stable product prices, assured availability of goods, and premium product quality to ensure that end-users (red: guests) are satisfied with the amenities provided by the hotel where they are staying.

Terry Palmer, the owner of Indonesia's number one towel brand, introduces a new business unit in mid-2022 to help stimulate the Indonesian tourism industry through high-quality bath and bed linen products. Terry Palmer, the largest towel manufacturer in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, has more than 60 years of experience in producing high-quality textile products in large quantities, beginning with the production of spinning yarn, then towels or fabrics, and finally finished goods that are ready for use by end-users.

Terry Palmer Hotelier, along with several Housekeeper, Purchasing, and Housekeeper Hotel Community Managers in the Bali area, are working to revitalize the Indonesian tourism industry through the Grand Opening of the branch office in Bali. Terry Palmer Hotelier is a one-stop shop for the highest quality bath and bed linen in its class. Guaranteed availability in terms of price, product quality, and service is critical for tourism industry actors to survive and adapt to the current transitional conditions.

Terry Palmer Hotelier, as a 'one-stop solution,' provides bath and bed linen needs ranging from supply to laundry services, making it easier for stakeholders to find the right supplier based on the needs of their respective locations. The establishment of a branch office of Terry Palmer Hotelier in the Bali region is an effort to facilitate services and requests for bath and bed linen in an area known for its tourist destinations. 

"With services that are more easily accessible to tourism industry actors, we hope to be able to participate in increasing the excitement of the tourism industry, which includes hotels, spas, golf clubs, waterparks, and others," says Terry Palmer Hotelier, who is here to offer a 'one stop solution' service. and so forth the tourism industry (hotels, spas, golf clubs, waterparks, and so on). "And so on throughout Indonesia," Wilson Pesik, CEO of Terry Palmer Hotelier, concluded.

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Terry Palmer Hotelier Product as a 'one-stop solution,' provides bath and bed linen needs
Terry Palmer Hotelier Awards Terry Palmer Hotelier Certificate Standard
Terry Palmer Hotelier Brand Terry Palmer Hotelier Textile Brands ranging from supply to laundry service

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