IDeaS Scores in Two Categories of the Hotel Tech Awards

Company secures Top 10 Global Hotelier’s Choice Award and Best Place to Work

IDeaS Ranks High in Two Categories at the Prestigious Hotel Tech Awards

MINNEAPOLIS—Jan. 18, 2023—IDeaS, a SAS company and the world’s leading provider of hotel revenue management software and services, was recognized in two categories at the annual HotelTech Awards. The company secured the top 10 spot in the Global Hotelier’s Choice Award and was named as one of the Best Places to Work in the industry.

IDeaS Founder Dr. Ravi Mehrotra

Client Success at the Heart of IDeaS

Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, co-founder, president, and chief scientist of IDeaS, expressed his pride in the company's recognition. According to Mehrotra, IDeaS is committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction, from the first engagement to the lifecycle of their relationship. This recognition serves as a testament to the company's outstanding teams and their relentless focus on client success.

Global Hotelier’s Choice Award: Powered by Customer Feedback

The Global Hotelier’s Choice Award is based on real customer data, which determines the best-of-breed hotel technology offerings. The award uses key factors such as total verified customer reviews, geographic reach of reviews, overall review sentiment and ratings, and more. Each category is based on customer feedback and key proprietary data signals such as integration compatibility, organizational health, market share, partner network strength, and customer support quality.

IDeaS RMS: A Leader in Client Satisfaction

More than 521 verified IDeaS clients from 24 countries across six regions voted for the Global Hotelier’s Choice Award, in addition to 57 partner recommendations and 111 verified integrations. The company received high praise from clients who noted IDeaS' exceptional revenue management software and support in helping them achieve their KPIs. One revenue manager from a branded hotel in the US said, "IDeaS is hands down the best revenue management software in the market."

IDeaS Named as a Top 10 Best Place to Work

The Best Place to Work award is based on surveys filled out by hospitality and technology partner employees from around the world. The employees rated companies across five categories, including work-life balance, personal development opportunities, gender equality, confidence in company direction, and values alignment. IDeaS received a 95% satisfaction score from its employees, landing them in the top 10 of this prestigious award.

Delivering Value to Customers: IDeaS' Mission

Jordan Hollander, co-founder of Hotel Tech Report, stated that the winners of the HotelTech Awards are decided based on the authentic voice of the customers. He emphasized the importance of highlighting the value that the world’s leading software solutions, such as IDeaS, deliver to their customers.

About IDeaS: Pioneers in Revenue Science

IDeaS, a SAS company, is the world's leading provider of revenue management software and services. With over 30 years of expertise, IDeaS delivers revenue science to more than 18,000 clients in 145 countries. By combining industry knowledge with innovative data-analytics technology, IDeaS empowers revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions they can trust. Results delivered. Revenue transformed. Visit to discover greater profitability.

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