Reforest Lombok

Invest Islands Helps To Reforest Lombok As Part Of Long Standing Commitment To Sustainability And Community

Over 18,000 trees planted across the island in the last three years, as part of the group’s ecological, educational and development programs t hat improve the lives of people in Lombok Invest Islands will educate local children about the catastrophic imp act of deforestation in Indonesia Lombok,

Indonesia (17 November 2022): Invest Islands Lombok’s leading real estate company, is
helping to restore nature and preserve the environment in Indonesia with a major tree planting project in Lombok, as part of the company s long standing and deep rooted commitment to sustainability.

Held on 28 th November 2022, Indonesian Tree Planting Day is a nationwide initiative that aims to reverse the effects of deforestation across this vast archipelago. Forest clearance for infrastructure development, industry and agriculture has led to the loss of 18 percent* of Indonesia s tree coverage since 2000. To tackle this, the Indonesian government launched th e One Man One Tree ( policy, which encourages every Indonesian person to plant at least one tree.

As a proud guardian of native flora and fauna Invest Island s will come together with schoolchildren in southern Lombok, close to The Mandala Eco Villa ge and Gran MeliĆ” Lombok, to plant 1,000 trees in and around Torok Bay. It will also teach the children about the importance of nature and the impact of deforestation. This follows the planting of 18,000 trees all across the island since 2020, in partnership with local organisations and educational institutions in areas including Torok, Montong Ajan and Tumpak Village.

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This activity forms part of Invest Islands widespread education and development programs, which are helping to build a brighter future for young people in Lombok. The company will soon launch the Mandala Foundation and Mandala Learning Center, through which it will aim to improve basic literacy among children in local villages. It is also planning to set up a Lombok Youth Leadership Program, which will help disadvantaged youths to reach their potential, and a new Hospitality Academy that will give villagers the skills they need to gain employment in the tourism and hotel sectors. Looking ahead, the planned Mandala Sustainability Academy will help to implement solutions to ecological and social challenges.

The Mandala Foundation’s long term goal is to establish the Mandala Ecovillage School, an
internationally oriented school that will allow local students to be joined by young people from all around the world. Invest Islands is also funding courses for underprivileged children to achieve scholarships at a tourism college in Lombok with the objective of preparing students for a professional career in the tourism industry on the island rather than going to Bali or Jakarta.

Since it was created, the Invest Islands Foundation has developed a holistic series of initiatives covering education, employment, permaculture, waste management and more, that will help to realise its vision of conserving the environment, increasing prosperity, driving positive social change, and ultimately, creating a better world.

Already this year, the foundation has completed a “Hunger Prevention Program,” which provided financial support to 300 orphaned or neglected children, and the “Fostering Multi stakeholder Alliance for Pro Poor and Gender Sensitive Low Carbon Development and Climate Resilience Program,” which benefited 150 people. Both these initiatives were funded by the Islami Relief Indonesia Foundation. It also launched the “Free Cataract Surgery Program,” which was funded by Fred Hollow Foundation in collaboration with the Rumah Sakit Mata NTB eye hospital and provided critical eyecare to 100 visually impaired people in rural communities.

“At Invest Islands, we understand that we have a responsibility to improve the lives of people in the destinations in which we operate. Our business has a symbiotic relationship with our communities; only by empowering local people and preserving the environment can we drive long term prosperity.

We created the Mandala Foundation and Invest Islands Foundation to ensure that every aspect of our development is geared towards delivering widespread social benefits. As we grow, our communities grow, and planting of 1,000 new trees in Lombok will help the entire island to flourish,” said Jack Brown CEO co founder of Invest Islands.

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About Invest Islands

Invest Islands is Lombok’s leading real estate investment company that brings a sense of style and sustainability to its premium projects. Founded by Kevin Deisser and Jack Brown in 2015, the company’s vision is to find undervalued plots of land across the Indone sian archipelago and work with award winning architects and designers to create breath taking developments that raise the profile of their destination. Each project is underpinned by a deep commitment to protecting the environment and driving benefits to l ocal communities. With offices in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Australia and end to end services, from land sourcing, design and construction to management, consultancy and resales, Invest Islands is the perfect partner for forward thinking investors.

About Invest Islands Foundation 

The Invest Islands Foundation is the charitable arm of Invest Islands, which was set up to enhance the lives of people in the communities in which it operates. Focusing on the key pillars of education, health, employment and the environment, the foundation has already launched a series of key projects aimed at raising living standards in underprivileged villages and creating opportunities for local people to improve their lives. From providing funding and vital equipment to village schools and generating regular income streams for women and families, to reducing plastic waste, pioneering eco friendly building materials and encouraging organic farming, the Invest Islands Foundation is making a positive impact that will last for generations to come.

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