Amandari Presents KAHYANGAN

Amandari Presents KAHYANGAN, a Curated Exhibition in Collaboration with Balinese Artist I Wayan Januariawan

October 2022 – Surrounded by the lush greenery and artistic spirit of Ubud, Amandari upholds local cultural values through a curated solo exhibition titled KAHYANGAN in collaboration with Balinese artist, I Wayan Januariawan. The series of paintings are inspired by Balinese floras, daily traditional life, and the natural island landscape which are showcased at The Restaurant and The Library at Amandari until 31 October 2022.

‘Kahyangan’ means heaven, and the exhibition, open to the public, invites visitors to discover the meaningful artworks created through a meditative process, peaceful state of mind and an inseparable sense of beauty of human beings. I Wayan Januariawan invites guests to explore and immerse inside the world of nature and bliss he conveys through his artworks.

The beautifully hand-drawn painting series by I Wayan Januariawan includes Heliconia Colour, Banana Flower, Banana Leaf, Heliconia Beauty, Banana Garden, Andong Leaf, Good Morning, Heliconia, Morning at Indus, Paradiso, Morning Flash.

Inspired by the traditional Balinese village on the verdant lip of the Ayung River Gorge overlooking natural forest and an emerald green cascade of rice paddies, Amandari is the perfect setting for guests to immerse in a rich historical and cultural essence of Bali. Ubud itself is known as one of the areas in Bali that upholds the sacred traditions that the Balinese have practiced for centuries. Amandari is an idyllic destination to discover the timeless appeal of this extraordinary island.

An Honorable Balinese Artist

I Wayan Januariawan also known as ‘Donal’ grew up in Ubud, the center of Bali’s artisanal traditions and rich heritage. His artworks are the reflection of his appreciation of ordinary objects which he transforms into meaningful art which is expressed on canvas. The vision of his hand-painting is to depict the natural landscape to release a common notion of Balinese scenic fantasy.
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