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Kopa Innovates New Door Design To Further Improve Safety

(22 September) KOPA Grilling Solutions, the specialists in charcoal ovens, has engineered a new, lighter door design for its charcoal ovens’ range to make it safer and easier for chefs and operators to use.

The new door design comprises a hinge and damper/spring system that means operators can open/close the door with just a single finger, or even with their elbows if their hands are full, without fear of slamming it.

It avoids both the physical effort in opening a heavy oven door – sometimes many dozens of times in a busy day – and in some cases avoids an extra step of putting the food down before closing the door – but without compromising on safety.

The door is ergonomically engineered such that it is warm but not hot to touch, removing the risk of scalding or burns, and the associated health and safety administration that follows.

Miran Stirn, Managing Director of KOPA Grilling Solutions, says they are constantly innovating in response to what chefs are telling them: “In a busy restaurant a chef may be opening and closing a heavy oven door a hundred times or more, with the associated risk of repetitive strain injury and/or accidentally burning themselves by touching the surface.

“Our new door – which can be incorporated into our new oven designs – is not only light but also incorporates a ‘soft close’ feature to prevent fingers from being caught as the oven closes and reduces the constant noise of a door being wrenched open and slammed shut.”

Miran says the latest innovation reflects his belief that manufacturers should be constantly re-imagining equipment that is easier and safe to use: “Our mission is to create memorable dining experiences, but it is also to create memorable cooking experiences for those who use our equipment,” he concludes.

About KOPA Grilling Solutions

KOPA was originally founded as UNIS TOS in 1972 and rebranded in 1991. With the demand for grill ovens increasing, in 2013 the business researched and built its first grill oven since when it has gone on to launch a range of charcoal grilling and smoking solutions, with a heavy emphasis on the customizable nature of all of the equipment it manufactures. Headquartered in Slovenia, its products are sold internationally and used by chefs in restaurants, hotels, stadia and arena and other food service environments worldwide.

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