The Kelusa: A Charming, Dining Place In Ubud With A Congenial Atmosphere.

There is a plethora of places to choose on the Island of Gods when it comes to eating out options. Whether it is a trendy, cozy bistro or a 5-star restaurant, one can always rave about their dining experience there.

It is a rarity, however, to discover a place that practically caters to those who are eager to enjoy both classic and modern dining experiences that, while one might describe as avant-garde, are still approachable and inclusive to everyone who has found home in Bali.

How about a dining place that retains a classical culinary approach yet manages to somehow feature modern, sophisticated ways of serving them to your tables? How about an idyllic venue where artists and creative people can meet each other and form connections and beyond through regular, monthly events that are carefully crafted for the visionaries?

Located in Ubud, Bali, The Kelusa is a culinary gem surrounded by the lush and serene Payangan rainforest. The picturesque forest has become a fixture among pictures uploaded by Bali travelers, making the dining experience at The Kelusa not only satisfy your appetite but also blissful.

The Kelusa's dining experience caters to even the pickiest foodies by offering carefully crafted dishes that are divided into two sections: signatures – modern Indonesian dishes with a twist – and classics.

The selection of signature dishes includes Sambal be Tongkol, which is a tuna salad with shallot, lemongrass, chili, and local basil, Cakalang Woku (grilled tuna, spicy turmeric broth, charred leek, and confit tomatoes) and assortment of desserts include the all-time favorites Gethuk (sweet cassava, vanilla custard, mix nut crumble, and vanilla ice cream).

As previously mentioned, The Kelusa also provides classics dishes from Melanzane (aubergine, tomato, burnt mozzarella, wild rocket, and balsamic), to Pan Seared Barramundi (polenta cake, wild mushroom, sautéed spinach, and beurre noir) and classics desserts such as Semifreddo (peanut butter, caramel popcorn, almond tuile, and chocolate sauce) and Poached Pear (spiced cranberry, staranise, chantilly crème, and shortbread).

Parents with little ones do not have to worry about their children as The Kelusa’s Chef Iwan has prepared a special menu designated for them.

Fine wine connoisseurs may choose which wine to satisfy their palettes at Samsara’s wine cellar while cocktail lovers will undoubtedly enjoy an assortment of wicked cocktails that The Kelusa offers, which include the signature: Popcorn Sour, a delicious drink ideal for before/after lunch, made of a playful mix of popcorn and Vodka sour. The Kelusa’s array of cocktails and mocktails reflects Bali’s fascinating colors and fresh organic produce.

Beyond gourmet dishes, The Kelusa strives to become a hub for all creative people and visionaries from around the island to meet each other and enjoy letting their hair down. The venue’s monthly events are designed for global wanderers who have called Bali their home so they can enjoy feasting on good food and beverages while keeping their creative juices flowing by providing a safe, blissful atmosphere.

The serenity from the surrounding forest jungles and natural tropical interiors only adds to the charm of The Kelusa on top of the gourmet dishes that celebrate the rich and diverse culinary history of Indonesian cuisine. All in all, The Kelusa opens its doors, and their goal is to ensure each and every guest to experience an epicurean treat with classic culinary prepared in a modern, sophisticated way.

The Managing Director of PT Samsara Raga Internasional, Bayu Sarwono, who owns The Kelusa and the Samsara Ubud resort said that their vision is to be the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they think of a dining option in Ubud for Indonesian cuisine where modern twists meet traditions and cultural heritage.

“In addition to that, we want to create a place that values inclusivity, innovations, and connections with nature and the surrounding,” he said, mentioning that both quality and humility are the words that describe The Kelusa’s philosophy.

Bayu said that The Kelusa strives to promote local culinary and to optimize the use of local products.

“We also want to maintain sustainability and to empower local talent and nurture innovation,” he added.

The Kelusa opens daily from 07am to 10.30pm.




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