The Right Time to Consider Revenue Management System

Is this the right time to consider revenue management system?

“Our hotel occupancy is low and manpower is being cut as revenue has decreased. It is difficult to justify deploying new technology right now, although we’ve heard good things about revenue management tools…”

Sound familiar?

We hear you and understand your challenges. Deploying new hotel technology is never a decision to be taken lightly. While you may or may not feel ready to implement a revenue management system (RMS) at your hotel, let our simple roadmap be your guide as you embark on your revenue management journey.

Question #1: 

Our hotel is running with very low occupancy and revenue—why do we need an RMS while still badly hit by the pandemic?

Question #2: 
Isn’t an RMS too expensive for hotels like us?

Question #3: 
Does revenue automation mean the hotel no longer needs a revenue manager?

Question #4: 
But isn’t it cheaper to hire a few revenue managers versus investing in an RMS?

New times call for new tools. Reorganized and consolidated hotel organizations have made revenue management resources and time more valuable than ever. No longer are hotel revenue managers responsible for a single property, but many now oversee a cluster of a dozen or more hotels. Learn more about how your hotel can do more with less using an automated RMS.

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