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Pulse Hotels & Resorts Partners with IDeaS to Gain Market Share through Automated Data Analysis

G3 RMS is selected for its seamless interface with multiple PMS platforms and central management and forecasting capabilities

SINGAPORE – Nov. 9, 2022 – IDeaS, a SAS company, the world’s leading provider of hotel revenue management software and services, announced today Pulse Hotels & Resorts has adopted G3 RMS across four of its Maldives-based properties to deliver accurate forecasting, better manage operational resources, and gain market share.

Given its portfolio of resorts is diverse in relation to product and price positioning, Pulse Hotels & Resorts previously faced challenges in implementing a centralized, unified approach to revenue management that maximized revenue opportunities for each property and room type. 

They engaged IDeaS and its G3 RMS to gain a competitive advantage and drive market share through optimal pricing and accurate forecasting to manage operational resources and reduce occupancy gaps. 

Forecasting and price predictions – Distributing rates beyond 365 days, segment-wide forecasting, and the ability to incorporate competitor data into the forecasts were key in the selection process. 

IDeaS Investigator allows properties to determine if the forecasts and pricing decisions are the most optimal ones. The visualization of different datasets and price points can yield different results, allowing revenue managers to learn from the RMS.

Ensuring seamless operations – Diversified portfolios often use multiple PMS vendors. IDeaS integrates with leading PMS vendors to ensure operations can be centrally managed, monitored, and implemented across the portfolio.

Staying ahead of the competition – Developing an edge over the competition while gaining maximum market share is ensured when having optimal pricing in place. Through accurate forecasting, dynamic revenue automation helps property groups better manage operational resources, reduce occupancy gaps, and maximize stakeholder benefit.

Althaf Mohamed Ali, chief operating officer, Pulse Hotels & Resorts said: “We conducted a thorough evaluation of various RMS vendors. Through this process, we were able to verify each system’s capabilities to address our needs. Not only did IDeaS demonstrate the ability to help us mitigate the challenges we face, but the amount of information and functionality the platform provides to a revenue manager through forecasting and price predictions exceeded our expectations.”

Jurgen Ortelee, APAC managing director, said: “Centrally managing revenue management and streamlining operational resources is key to ensuring today’s hoteliers stay ahead of the competition. IDeaS is proud to partner with Pulse Hotels & Resorts to ensure each of their conceptually unique properties and products gain the best yield based on their individual current market conditions.”

About IDeaS

IDeaS, a SAS company, is the world’s leading provider of revenue management software and services. With more than 30 years of expertise, IDeaS delivers revenue science to more than 18,000 clients in 145 countries. Combining industry knowledge with innovative, data-analytics technology, IDeaS creates sophisticated yet simple ways to empower revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions they can trust. Results delivered. Revenue transformed. Discover greater profitability at
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Agilysys and IDeaS Partner For Seamless Two-way Integration

Date: February 17, 2022 Author: Hotelierindo Archived

With Agilysys PMS Solutions – Stay, Visual One and LMS. The award-winning hospitality technology solution provider expands their relationship with the revenue management pioneer to help hotels improve business performance.

ALPHARETTA, GA and BLOOMINGTON, MN — FEBRUARY 16, 2022 — Agilysys, Inc. (Nasdaq: AGYS), a leading global provider of next-generation SaaS hospitality software solutions and services, today announced it has partnered with Integrated Decisions and Systems (IDeaS), a SAS company, the leading global hotel revenue management solution provider. The result of this relationship expansion includes the seamless two-way integration between IDeaS and three Agilysys PMS solutions servicing all verticals of the hospitality market: Visual One, LMS, and Stay

Agilysys Visual One PMS provides a completely modern browser and API-based enterprise-ready, all-in-one solution for full-service resorts, boutiques, and hotels. This solution with strong multi-property management capabilities offers a robust range of features and functionality and integrates with other Agilysys products to manage a complete resort guest experience. The result is improved operational efficiency, a single guest profile, and a seamless guest experience.

Agilysys LMS PMS provides a modern, innovative, mobile approach to property management with industry-acclaimed features and functionality. Featuring a sleek, modern web UI, LMS is used by many of the world’s largest hotels, enabling a personalized guest experience, while remaining flexible enough to adjust to changing guest expectations. Deep integration with other Agilysys products and leading gaming management systems makes it easy for operators to improve guest service property-wide. The result is increased guest wallet-share, reduced operating costs, and a superior guest experience.

Agilysys Stay PMS provides a modern, cloud-native, intuitive PMS that allows properties to focus on connecting with their guests on a personal level. The guest-centric, standards-based PMS relies on an open architecture that enables rich, RESTful API integration with applications delivered from Agilysys, its partners, 3rd-party vendors and customers. The easy-to-use UI reduces staff ramp-up time and simplifies workflows across the property. The result is improved operational efficiency, lower staff training costs, increased revenue from easy upsell, and an improved guest experience throughout their journey.

The seamless integration between these three exceptional PMS solutions and IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) will help hotel properties around the world adjust to various conditions, optimize pricing and maximize revenue performance. Hotels will have the opportunity to transform property-specific data into actionable insight for more accurate pricing, forecasting, and reporting to further improve business performance.

“We are honored to expand our relationship with the Agilysys team through this new set of integrations,” said Klaus Kohlmayr, chief evangelist and development officer for IDeaS Revenue Solutions. “Our clients can only benefit from the expertise that both organizations provide. With these PMS solutions from Agilysys and the industry-leading revenue management solutions from IDeaS, hospitality organizations around the world will experience a noticeable positive impact on their revenue performance.”

“Through the integration between our enterprise grade, SaaS and On-Premise capable, Property Management Systems – Agilysys Visual One, LMS and Stay and the IDeaS revenue management platform – G3 RMS, we will provide our customers with accurate insight, greater price optimization tools ultimately resulting in higher RevPar,” said Rohith Kori, vice president, corporate and product strategy at Agilysys. “We are excited about the new opportunities this expanded partnership will create for both organizations and our customers.”

About IDeaS

IDeaS, a SAS company, is a world-leading provider of revenue management software and services. With over 30 years of expertise, IDeaS delivers revenue science to more than 18,000 clients in 145 countries. Combining industry knowledge with innovative, data-analytics technology, IDeaS creates sophisticated yet simple ways to empower revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions they can trust. Results delivered. Revenue transformed.

Discover greater profitability at

About Agilysys

Agilysys has been a leader in hospitality software for more than 40 years, delivering innovative cloud-native SaaS and on-premise guest-centric technology solutions for gaming, hotels, resorts and cruise, corporate foodservice management, restaurants, universities, stadia, and healthcare. Agilysys offers the most comprehensive software solutions in the hospitality industry, including point-of-sale (POS), property management (PMS), inventory and procurement, payments, and related applications, to manage the entire guest journey. Agilysys is also known for its world-class customer-centric service. During recent years, Agilysys has made major investments in R&D and has successfully modernized virtually all its longstanding trusted software solutions. Many of the largest hospitality companies around the world use Agilysys solutions to help improve guest loyalty, drive revenue growth and increase operational efficiencies. Agilysys operates across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and India with headquarters located in Alpharetta, Ga.

For more information visit

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Rethinking OTAs in an Uncertain Market

Date: October 15, 2020 Author: Hotelierindo Archived

Written by – Tracy Dong, Senior Advisor, Asia Pacific region at IDeaS Revenue Solutions
For many hoteliers, online travel agencies (OTAs) are an accepted part of a distribution strategy due to their marketing power and high customer traffic. However, today’s costs for acquiring guests are significant, and in some cases, OTAs may be hurting your hotel more than they are helping.

With 15 to 25 percent commission being charged on average for every OTA booking secured, these third-party costs directly impact the amount of revenue hotels can secure from each guest, which can in turn dampen profitability at a time when COVID-19 is impacting a hotel’s ability to generate revenue and every dollar counts. On top of that, many OTAs require a last-room-available guarantee for their channels, which results in hotels losing ultimate control on yielding of inventory.

When engaging with OTAs in this era of uncertainty, hoteliers must properly understand the value and costs associated with the third-party distribution platform. Any relationship weighted in favor of an OTA to the detriment of a hotel’s bottom line needs to be reviewed.

Attract more direct bookings

Given the cost associated with doing business with OTAs, hoteliers should explore all opportunities to grow bookings from alternative channels. Importantly, the most cost-effective online booking channel for a hotel remains its own website. But how can you maximise direct bookings through your website? The first step is increasing web traffic from potential guests and converting “lookers” into “bookers.”

In an effort to attract more website visitors and increase booking conversion rates from this channel, hoteliers need to understand those people who land on their website. What dates are they searching for? What is the purpose of their trip? Where do they search? Collecting this information provides data that can be used to develop targeted marketing campaigns that attract the right type of website visitor—those with a higher chance of becoming a guest.

Hotels can also increase direct bookings by retargeting past visitors and directing them to its own website. When researching a location, potential guests may visit a variety of travel websites and OTAs before deciding where to stay. Hotels need to keep their property on the top of the consumer’s mind and influence guests to book on the hotel’s website. Technology that offers tailored ads customised around visitor behavior or website activity can help achieve an estimated 10 percent return rate on website visits, increasing direct-booking opportunities.

Create a seamless online experience

Today, a greater share of a hotel’s marketing budget is dedicated to attracting more qualified traffic to their own website than ever before, but what if the actual architecture and content on your site prevent rather than enable the booking process? If a website’s booking process is not seamless and secure, guests will book elsewhere. Hoteliers need to ensure their website delivers an enhanced experience with user-friendly features that provide easy navigation and booking; otherwise, the work that went into attracting a potential guest will be for nothing.

Potential guests often visit a hotel’s website for more information on the property and to assess if the property will reflect the experiences they seek. If the hotel website isn’t focused around the needs of the consumer, such as explaining local attractions nearby, and having more photos, videos and reviews than an OTA, website visitors may quickly move on to another property. Hotels may not be able to compete with OTAs on the level of website traffic they generate, but they should beat them at showcasing their own property.

Today, health and safety are a traveller’s top concerns. Therefore, hotels should reassure their potential guests by highlighting the health and hygiene protocols or certifications upfront on their website. Meanwhile, independent hoteliers need to think about altering site content that appeals to the new targeted audiences. For example, promote staycation offers with various amended activities following social distancing orders. A hotel’s own website is the perfect channel to showcase their property’s personality and unique selling points.

Hotel websites should also incorporate user-generated content from social media, such as user ratings and reviews, to assure guests of the credibility and service standard of the hotel. Since over half of online bookers search online reviews before making reservations, it is critical to provide online reviews as a component of website content.

A hotel’s website must also be informative, multilingual and regionally customised—enabling customers to be assured of the credibility and service standards of the hotel. Optimising their website for viewing on-the-go with iPads, other tablet-sized devices and smartphone compatibility is an absolute must to meet the expectations of tech-savvy travellers ready to embark on their next experience.

Refocus marketing, reward loyalty

Hotels often focus their marketing spend on acquiring new guests to broaden their customer base. However, by doing this, they can overlook a major revenue stream that can be engaged at a much lower cost—past guests. Email marketing allows hotels to communicate with their past guests at specific times throughout the customer journey, such as prior to arrival, during their stay and after checking out.

Additionally, hotels have valuable insights (and data) on their past guests, which means they can send specific messaging to these individuals (e.g., promote welcome-back packages, outline the hotel’s COVID-19 cleaning and safety protocols, and provide special offers and incentives that help generate ancillary revenue) to drive direct bookings and avoid having to rely on costly OTAs to support occupancy.

Hotels need to think beyond guest rooms and leverage their entire customer relationship management system database, including guests who have been to their restaurants or day spa. With rooms’ demand being depressed, hotels could consider leveraging their popular restaurants to drive web traffic. Total revenue management and profit optimisation are more important than ever, and hotels need to consider their whole property to maximise opportunities.

OTAs can still support your business goals

Hotels need to understand their true channel costs. Having reports on the cost of guest acquisition by channel partner can help hoteliers to negotiate better contracts with third-party OTAs, gaining flexibility in managing rate and availability parity. This information builds a basis for more profitable decisions in the short-term and more long-term channel-value-centric decisions.

It should also be stated that OTAs are not all bad. They can introduce hotels to an audience of potential guests a property might never have a chance of reaching—especially in lower demand periods like the industry is currently experiencing. Hoteliers heavily invested in OTAs to secure bookings might consider ways to use those platforms to better support future business. For example, to increase both new and return business, intelligent hoteliers are letting OTAs handle the initial capturing of guests and then implementing strategies and incentives that ensure those guests book future reservations directly with their hotel, eliminating ongoing third-party booking expenses.

Reduce third-party costs, maximise direct business

In today’s uncertain COVID-19 operating environment, every dollar counts. Any method to support growth in guest bookings should be explored, and every guest secured should be evaluated to determine their true worth. With costs associated with acquiring new guests through OTAs increasing, hotels need to consider their most effective booking channels and maximise direct bookings.

For more information on how your hotel can drive direct bookings in an uncertain market, please visit:

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Hotelier Indonesia

Giving Indonesian Revenue Management a New Voice

Written by: Tracy Dong, Lead Advisor, APAC, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

As technology in business advances, people expect more than easy access to content; they want to experience it, touch it and interact with it in their daily routine. To fully engage staff and ensure they can access, interpret and present key operational data in their roles, Indonesian based hotels must offer a more immersive and seamless experience where data visualisation converges with function to maximise adoption.

Ten years ago, a company without a website was considered a dinosaur. A few years ago, mobile apps became essential for survival. Today, on-demand, dynamic content and automated experiences are becoming the norm for what it takes to stay relevant in the market. The more relevant data an Indonesian hotel can expose to its staff on their everyday technology, the more likely they are to consume and apply it.

Even though many local hotels have adopted cloud technology, data still remains disparate, the challenge remains around how staff can access the right data at the exact moment of need. Voice interaction technology, like Alexa or Google Assistant, makes that possible. Voice search or voice commands have proliferated since the advent of Siri on Apple’s iOS, while Amazon, Google and others have only expanded that reach with smart speakers.

Opportunities for integrating revenue management data with voice-enabled digital assistants will be here in the future. Owners and general managers across the country will no longer need logins to a system they access once a month, nor do they need training to view hotel performance within the software. Instead, they can communicate with a voice-controlled assistant sitting on their desk and never have to remember a rarely-used password again.

Even internal meetings become more efficient and productive. Hotels no longer need to run standard reports for daily meetings. They can literally ask their technology to recite that information to them at each meeting. A voice-enabled assistants can save employees time and resources while still providing key performance metrics whenever called upon. It’s your personalised, on-command data assistant with immediate access to historical, future and market data.

Voice-enabled digital assistants are simply responses to input, with pre-determined results. All the major devices on the market have made it possible to integrate with their systems for business application as well as personal use.

How you manage and expose your data will dictate how simply you can work with this new technology. 

If your hotel operational information is in a structured, easily-accessible system, you’ll find providing it to a voice-enabled system less difficult. This means how you currently manage your data is crucial and key to the whole process.

Because a revenue management system typically stores hotel performance data that can be compared against the previous year, forecast and budget, it also provides unparalleled insight for financial stakeholders like controllers and finance officers. They no longer need to seek out someone with system access or learn to generate a report themselves. Simple voice commands allow them to obtain the comparative data they need to assess performance in real time.

Automated revenue technology paired with a voice-enabled interface may modify the rules for user experience design, but it totally changes the game for hotel revenue strategy. Security and user configurations allow administrative users to enable the appropriate data-access permissions for each job function that then applies to any device. Data that once had limited access can now be made available to all appropriate teams and roles without having to train and educate each individual because they will interface through technology already used in their daily lives.

Of course, Indonesian revenue strategy leaders stand to benefit as much as anyone else. Not only does this technology make them more efficient in their responsibilities, it also empowers their colleagues and departments to access the data they need, when they need it. It helps promote revenue awareness across an organisation by the simple fact that the information is so easily accessible by all.

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Hotelier Indonesia

Dear All, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts currently looking potential candidate for Revenue Manager position. 

This position available in the best resort location on Bintan islands. She/he will assist for Banyan Tree, Angsana, and Cassia on daily basis, direct report to General Manager. 

We are expecting the candidate with below qualifications: 

1. Indonesia citizen only 
2. Good command in English 
3. 2-3 years experience in the same field 
4. Have a good track record in hotel industry 
5. Willing to work in remote area 

If you think you are the one that we are looking for, please send your latest CV to: [email protected] 

At the latest of: 31 October 2017 Feel free to share this information to your colleagues and friends. Thank you and wish you all the best With Best Regards,

Disky Amanda

Book a cruise to the Caribbean or Panama Canal and enjoy $1 deposits + FREE Gratuities.
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Hotelier Indonesia

Please send us your application letter and CV in .pdf format, with your recent photograph to: [email protected] Only short-listed candidate will be contacted.

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Why big data presents big opportunities for Indonesian Hoteliers

Written by: Rachel Grier, Area Managing Director Asia Pacific for IDeaS

The Indonesian hotel sector has long recognised that good pricing decisions start with good information. Today hotels from Bali to Jakarta and beyond are beginning to turn to big data and analytics to gain insights into the vast amounts of guest data they have at hand, and utilising these insights to develop strategies that attract and retain valuable guests, ultimately driving better revenues and profit.

Not all data is good dataThe data sources that support hotel pricing decisions commonly include stay history, inventory history, future reservations, future inventory, competitor pricing and future rate information. However, whilst it was once assumed that more data leads to more informed decision-making, the focus is now on ensuring the right data is collected in the first place.

But what type of data is considered quality data for a hotel? In many cases, much of the “big data” that will help a hotel make more informed pricing decisions is demand associated data; that is, data that is used in the creation and curation of accurate demand forecasts.

Optimising decision making with advanced analytics

It goes without saying that in the age of big data, advanced analytics and real time visualisation of clean data critical. Any Indonesian hotelier working without the support of an analytical revenue management system will find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and complexity of the data. 

Forward-looking predictive analytics, embedded in today's advanced revenue management systems, help hoteliers uncover emerging trends and identify opportunities to capture more revenue.

Advanced hotel revenue management analytics use data mining, machine learning and a variable deployment of complex predictive algorithm sets to calculate optimal pricing and inventory decisions for hotels. 

Analytics assist hoteliers to move beyond their normal revenue management processes into harnessing their data and forecasting capabilities to explore, predict and optimise total revenue performance. 

Best in class revenue management system analytics enable hoteliers to uncover granular patterns and trends at a micro-level. By determining why specific results are emerging, and if a hotel can expect them to continue, hoteliers can optimise their revenue opportunities.

What guests say about you online matters

As the hotel industry and revenue management has changed over the years, so has the relationship between a hotel and its guests. Thirty years ago the guest relationship with a hotel was direct, personal and on a one-to-one basis. 

Today, according to Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

This change in the control of brand value is a critical to hoteliers across the region. Reputation management companies enable the capture, measurement and management of consumer sentiment and these can be utilised by revenue management systems to assess value perception in relation to both you and your competitor brands at any given time.

In this context, social media and reputation information becomes essential as it forms a basis of value perception in regards to price sensitivity and thus demand as a subsequent function of price. 

Revenue managers incorporate value perception data points, competitor set reputation and value weighting when developing pricing strategies and executing marketing campaigns, since value perception directly impacts a hotel’s ability to capture guests.

Increasing profit and loyalty from guest intelligence

Today's digital environment has created more competition for a hotel’s consumer business than ever before. This competition is no longer just about competing with the big global brands; hotels are now competing with third-party distributors and disruptors from the sharing economy, such as Airbnb. Hotels do, however, have one distinct advantage: they can engage with guests, collect data about them and provide a customised experience that third-party distribution partners cannot.

To create a holistic view of a hotel's guests, and to offer opportunities for personalising a guest's stay, predictive modelling must also be applied to the consumer demographic and behavioural data that is gathered from all hotel interactions. 

This approach allows hotels to improve their segmentation and group similarly behaved customers together so they can more effectively target messaging and stay experiences to them.

With predictive modelling, a hotel can also better calculate a guest's likely lifetime value, understand how to nurture and grow the value of their most valuable guests, and determine where to source more of those high lifetime value guests in the future. 

It can help predict the next-best-offer for each guest to maximise their likelihood of responding, or even encourage them to purchase additional products or services during the purchase or stay process.

Without today's predictive modelling, marketing efforts are based on generic business rules that face limitations in influencing behaviour.

Big data drives the business

Data is central to nearly every operational decision a hotel makes today. Those savvy hoteliers that embrace the benefits that quality data and advanced analytics can bring to their property will be able to better attract the right guest, at the right time, for the right price, via the right channel and position themselves for success in a competitive market.

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Hotelier Indonesia

Harris Hotel Barelang Batam Opening Team

HARRIS, more than just a hotel. A concept, a brand, a Healthy Lifestyle!

HARRIS Hotels pure WHITE with a touch of ORANGE, make for a cool, fun and spirited atmosphere, influenced by Andy Warhol, the 60’s, Harley Davidson and Black & White Photography.

Making Healthy Lifestyle its key drive, HARRIS Hotels strive for a better being for all communities. Emphasizing on well being and keeping fit, each HARRIS Hotel offers a HARRIS Juice Bar serving 100% healthy fresh fruit juices (no added sugar or ice), and a healthy HARRIS Café menu.

Not forgetting educating our teams and implementing management systems on food safety, providing dedicated smoking areas for the comfort of all, and organizing fun bike events to stay fit, all comes together in promoting the HARRIS Healthy Lifestyle!

  • EAM (F&B background)
  • EAM (Rooms background)
  • Financial Controller
  • Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Revenue Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Executive Chef
  • Chief Engineer

Organize and lead the room and public area daily cleaning and other hotel spaces, ensures the experience meets the requirements of the guest, with responsibilities as follows:
  • Oversees and directs the operation of the Housekeeping Department of the hotel to ensure product quality standards are met and that outstanding Service is provided to guest according to the hotel and Company business objective
  • Represent the management in handling all designated area of operation within the hotel and perform any additional assignment as delegated by the General Manager, Room Division Manager with competent and effective as much as possible in observances with hotel policies.
  • Coordinate the preventive maintenance schedule of rooms and public area
  • Identify training needs and to ensure departmental training plans are developed and implemented in accordance with company standard
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Hotelier Indonesia

Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran JOB OPPORTUNITIES.
Interest candidates are pleased to send application + updated CV to:
[email protected] or [email protected] (attachment not more than 1MB)

Hotel, Resort , Restaurants , Hotelier, Airlines , Software, Foods ,Trade, Magazine, Appointment, Recruitment, Events , Booking, Technology, Hotelier
Hotel, Resort , Restaurants , Hotelier, Airlines , Software, Foods ,Trade, Magazine, Appointment, Recruitment, Events , Booking, Technology, Hotelier
Hotel, Resort , Restaurants , Hotelier, Airlines , Software, Foods ,Trade, Magazine, Appointment, Recruitment, Events , Booking, Technology, Hotelier
Hotel, Resort , Restaurants , Hotelier, Airlines , Software, Foods ,Trade, Magazine, Appointment, Recruitment, Events , Booking, Technology, Hotelier

Hotel, Resort , Restaurants , Hotelier, Airlines , Software, Foods ,Trade, Magazine, Appointment, Recruitment, Events , Booking, Technology, Hotelier

HARRIS Hotel Samarinda - pre opening team
Email to: [email protected]

- Human Resources Manager
- Financial Controller
- Executive Secretary
- Director of Sales & Marketing
- Revenue Manager
- Executive Chef
- FB Manager
- Front Office Manager
- Executive Housekeeper
- Purchasing Manager
- Chief Engineering