The killer app for beach resorts in 2022

By Paddy Joe Shannon

After flat-lining through 2020, the hotel and leisure industry started to pick up again in 2021, and HamacLand Concept SAS in particular has been surging ahead with new orders in Turks & Caicos, the World Islands Dubai and Oman, and repeat orders in the Bahamas and the Maldives.

How do industry insiders view the general prospects for 2022? The signs are very favorable for considerable growth especially in the upscale and VIP leisure market, where guests place a premium on getting away from noisy, crowded beaches and having the scenery all to themselves. This is where the patented HamacLand floating lounge comes into its own – elegant, infinitely versatile, and with optional side panels for even more privacy.

Now that direct and customizable bookings are easy to do online, customers can pick and choose their resort instead of taking their chances through agencies. They will be looking closely at the amenities that resorts can offer, in particular those that are sustainable and eco-friendly. For their part, resorts are looking to stay ahead of the competition with leading-edge innovations, which is why HamacLand is being feted at the grand openings of new properties.

Then there's the predicted huge growth in bleisure travel, where executives combine business and pleasure. Business meeting organizers usually want two things, total confidentiality, and the ability to wow their participants. HamacLand gives them an experience they've never had before, a floating business lunch in gorgeous surroundings, perhaps with champagne too, and in guaranteed privacy. That's an opportunity that no meeting organizer would want to pass up.

All in all, HamacLand could be the killer app for 2022. It's a catamaran so it doesn't rock like a normal boat, meaning food and drinks won't spill, and children will love it. Guests are raving about it on Tripadvisor, saying the dreamy mid-air sensation has to be experienced to be believed. It's built in European shipyards to the highest quality yacht finish, and it can be used day and night for almost any imaginable purpose. It's easy to set up and move, and can be reconfigured in just 20 minutes so there's very little downtime. Resorts can badge it with their own logos, add optional extras, and easily dismantle it for off-season storage.

Yacht orders for 2022 are at a record high, which means build costs may well increase, but once a HamacLand is on order, the price is set in stone. In short, there's no better time to get on board than right now!

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