Madrid, Destination of Excellence and Golf


Madrid, Destination of Excellence and Golf

12 May 2022 - It is true that Madrid has always been one of the most attractive capitals in Europe. But lately, due to the pandemic, it has been perhaps the only one that has remained alive and open. For this reason, it has become a preferred destination as a symbol and example for the whole world and a great attraction for golf tourists who want to come and play in Madrid and discover its golf courses.

Not only in Spain, but also in Europe and other countries, the idea that Madrid is a place to be imitated has become popular. We have been the jealousy of many, and the object of desire of almost everyone.

A place of freedom

Madrid has evolved spectacularly and has become a Destination of Excellence. And with a golf product that is also excellent.

Hotels and restaurants

In the years of the pandemic, five of the world's most important hotel companies opened hotels in Madrid and only in Madrid. Specifically, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Rosewood and Marriott. And there are still some properties to be opened.

At the same time, new restaurants of all levels, of all types and trends were opened almost daily. And some classics reopened with the same quality as before, such as the Ritz Hotel, the Zalacaín or the former Jockey, now called the Saddle.

Markets, bars and taverns

At the same time, more and more Municipal Markets have been created, twenty-three at present, something that no other city in Europe has. And the bars and taverns that have allowed Madrileños and tourists to come and "tomar cañas" (have a beer) continue to operate.

Golf courses
  • Madrid has more than 30 golf courses, many of which have seen some of the best players of the European Tour, play on their courses.
  • There is no doubt that we must highlight the three golf courses that now have an easy access to the golf tourist who comes to Madrid.
  • Golf Santander, TOP course and venue of the Santander Bank.
  • National Centre, Spanish Golf Federation home course.
  • Retamares, members' course with impeccable maintenance.
All of them can be combined with other courses, fun and everything you want. In Madrid everything is possible.

Musical comedies

In addition to gastronomic culture, Madrid has made a significant step forward in terms of other aspects of culture.

Madrid now has more musical comedies than London. It should be considered that one of the ways in which modern cities demonstrate their vitality is precisely through musical comedies which, in a way, are a successor and complement to what the world of opera was in its day.

Art, Theatre, Music and Business

Madrid, in addition to maintaining all its museums (some of them of the highest international level), has held, and continues to hold, more art exhibitions in these years of pandemic than many other major cities. Also in the world of theatre, in addition to all the official theatres that remain open, Madrid currently offers almost more alternative theatre performances than New York, the city that has always boasted of being the "capital" of theatre.

From a musical point of view, in addition to the Teatro Real de la Ópera, the Auditorio Nacional and many other traditional venues, Madrid has been filled with music on every corner and has organised music festivals like very few other countries. Even when it comes to football, Madrid has four teams in the first division, something that no other European city has. It has more football matches and more sporting events than any other city.

And, in recent years, something absolutely unique has happened. A multitude of large, small and medium-sized companies have set up in Madrid, and thousands of jobs have been created. All of this has been achieved by lowering taxes and favouring the creation of spaces for individual, private and social promotion.

The illusion of being in Madrid: tourists

Madrid has always been a favourite destination for Spaniards from other regions, especially those closest to Madrid. And it has always received a large number of foreigners, although perhaps less than other cities such as Barcelona. Now things are changing. Madrid has become a place that everyone wants to visit. Spaniards and foreigners alike want to enjoy all its historical, cultural and gastronomic attractions and, above all, the atmosphere of freedom, happiness and friendliness that the people of Madrid exude. And we attach great importance to the new golf tourist who comes to discover our golf offer.

Madrid, Capital of the Kingdom

In this way, Madrid has gradually become an authentic capital, the Capital of the Kingdom, a central and differentiated place in the whole of Spain, as happens in other countries such as France with Paris or England with London.

Perhaps because Madrid wanted to become a Space of Freedom for everything and everyone (and it succeeded), and as a result, it is one of the main, if not the most unique Tourist Destination of Excellence in the world. And golf is a powerful attraction.

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