Hotel search is reinventing itself

Hotel search is reinventing itself – and this time it’s personal

RightRooms redefines personalised search options with more than 10 times the detail of other sites

31 May 2022 - Are you looking for an eco-friendly hotel that does their own composting, recycles soap and has zero landfill? Or do you prefer a hotel with lever taps (ideal for those with arthritis), standalone shower (if you’re less mobile) or without fussy wallpaper (if you’re autistic)?

Details matter in life. And now British-based RightRooms is delivering holidaymakers an indepth look at hotels with over 10 times the search detail compared to global hotel booking sites.

“Hotel guests crave more detail on the hotels they’re considering,” says Fiona Halton, CEO of RightRooms.”Customers with special priorities – whether it’s accessibility, sustainability, wellness or family-friendliness – demand, and indeed, require it.”

RightRooms provides holidaymakers with minute details, pushing the frontiers of the era of personalisation in travel.

“It’s like having an X-ray of the hotels,” says Halton. “The days of hotel booking sites tempting customers with a discount offer and photos of a bed in a room are over. Customers demand hyper-personalisation and at RightRooms, we’re offering precision search live you’ve never seen before.”

The website lists over 850 features which guests can find around the hotel’s grounds, facilities and in-room, themed around popular travel needs: accessibility, sustainability, wellness and family-friendly.

Features include:
  • No complex patterns on furniture or surfaces
  • Lever taps
  • Shower stool or bath board provided upon request
  • Rooms with standalone shower
  • Space where service animals can relieve themselves
  • At least one seat with rigid arms in bedrooms
  • Composting programme
  • Zero landfill
  • Black-out blinds
  • Openable windows

By displaying more detail than other hotel booking sites, RightRooms allows hoteliers to attract niche markets by giving customers the details they crave.

In addition to searching by property name or feature, RightRooms provides travellers a complimentary concierge service to help match their needs to a hotel.

With more than 100, mainly luxury, UK hotels currently listed, RightRooms anticipates its hotel collection will reach 1,000 in the next 12 months.

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About RightRooms

Hotel booking platform RightRooms makes travel personal, allowing guests to search hotels in detail and create their ideal stay. The site currently profiles more than 100 hotels, with over 850 property and room features listed. In addition, RightRooms offers a complimentary Concierge booking service.

Serial Entrepreneur Fiona Halton (former co-director of Red Nose Day, founder of Pilotlight) launched the site in 2020, inspired by the many hours of frustration she spent searching for a hotel stay to recuperate from a broken leg. When seeking a hotel with a sturdy bannister on the stairs and no step to the shower, Fiona was struck by a lack of detail on hotel listings. RightRooms gives guests that detail and much more, serving the growing accessibility, sustainability, wellness and family-friendly markets.

Fiona is available for comment on the topics of accessibility, sustainability, wellness and family-friendliness in the hotel industry.
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