New nora by Interface Flooring
Features Elegant Terrazzo-Inspired Design

Terrazzo brings an elegant nonchalance to any place, whether it’s an old villa or a luxurious new building. The classic speckled look gives it real character and the flooring has enjoyed high prestige and bestselling status for centuries. Terrazzo continues to enjoy great popularity to this day: the vivid, artistic assortment of small shards adds a subtle touch of splendour and elegance. New norament 926 pado collection offers a modern take on this masterful design with an impressively functional rubber flooring.

norament® 926 pado

Terrazzo floors and mosaic imagery are two classic methods of infusing interior design with life. The vivid, artistic assortment of small shards inspires a subtle feeling of splendour and elegance in any space. norament 926 pado offers you a modern take on this masterful design for the digital era. The mosaic-like structures and colours are embedded in warm, modern rubber. This contemporary application of traditional technique makes for a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

Key Features 
  • Good for very heavy usage
  • Very high footfall sound absorption (10 dB)
  • R9-slip resistance
  • Free of PVC, other halogenated polymers and phthalate plasticizers
  • Increased safety thanks to high fire-retardant properties
  • No welding required
  • No coatings needed
  • A vivid granular design inspired by ancient terrazzo with a slightly structured two-tone surface for maximum demands.

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