Reopen your doors in a Covid-19 world

Travel and hospitality will look different in the post-COVID world and hotels will need to adapt accordingly while providing the same excellent service. This means a fresh focus on operation and hygiene standards.

A Digital Solution

Enter Vamoos, a new mobile app for hotels that can help guests before, during and after their stay. For the last six years, Vamoos has been helping luxury holiday providers ensure every detail of a tailor-made trip is perfect. The new version is designed to deliver the same service to hoteliers and their guests.

Keep Guests Safe and Reduce Costs

Boasting numerous features that will serve to reassure residents, Vamoos also enhances the overall experience of a hotel visit. Its directory function provides guests with essential details (maps, restaurant menus, wifi codes, spa treatments, facility opening hours) before they’ve even arrived and can be altered in real-time when needed. Vamoos will save money and time on printing materials or updating old information. The built-in messaging service also means those invaluable interactions between guests and staff will still be possible even when social distancing measures are in place.

Other features of the app include:

- A virtual do-not-disturb system
- Details of local attractions and recommendations
- Remote check-in and direct booking capabilities
- A daily activity screen for updates on what is happening each day
- Voucher pages to promote in-residence options and local partners
- Local weather updates
- Photo galleries and trip countdown screen

Vamoos is simple to set up using their online portal and can be set up in just days. All those guests then need to access your hotel details is the code you provide them. Vamoos replaces the room guide or guest directory, and it is permanently customisable, so when attractions or local restaurants go from closed to open, your guests will be the first to know.

Crucially, the app’s key aim is to amplify the essential thrill of travel. As explained by company founder Tony Bean:

“Vamoos is designed primarily to excite guests before and during their stay so they can plan their visit and show off to their friends. Now more than ever people need something to look forward to, and the countdown to their stay does just that.”

Free Trial

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Customer Story

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