The Breathe of Interior Design

The Breathe of Interior Design

Human is the life of the interior, but furniture is the breathe of it. Understand how essential it is, only the best manufacturers will be sourced at Hospitality Indonesia. In addition, appreciate the greatness of our industry, we also want to highlight that local companies also have a global excellence just like international companies.

VIVERE is among them. As one of the leading interior manufacturing and servicing companies in Indonesia, VIVERE owns several brand lines that capture different market. In interior industry, they have been acknowledged with modern contemporary pieces that are both beautifully crafted as well as functional, and are able to fit any customer's style. Their new line: Hospitality by VIVERE offers various selections of excellent products as a result of leading edge manufacturing technology, supreme material, artistic hand-woven skill by our local co-worker.

Has its own uniqueness, Nikki Andra captures the attention of the industry by a range of statement designs. The furniture collection is inspired by various design period to create a signature style. With a hint of contemporary elements, Nikki Andria makes sure every piece has a refined premium quality, as well as timeless and exclusive. They are sophisticated, yet comfortable is also guaranteed.

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