Our company has a CAD layout department that creates medium/big projects and we need to manage tailor made items and installation points. We already work with AutoCAD (not 2009 or LT) or Bricscad Pro V13

Complete version to create 3D drawings and quotations compatible with AutoCAD from 2006 to 2013 (not LT and 2009), Architectural Desktop and Bricscad V12 and V13.2D/3D architectural drawings
  • Importation of external 2D drawing and creation of 3D walls
  • Insertion of branded equipment (or equipment you have created) that includes technical and commercial details provided by suppliers from the product libraries
  • Management of personal libraries
  • Management of equipment not included in the catalog, management of oversized items
  • Possibility to save a product, with its CAD symbol, in a personal library
  • 7 demonstration libraries containing more than 8.000 symbols both 2D and 3D that can be used freely in the projects
  • Large demonstration library of furniture complements
  • Commands to create hoods, cold rooms, shelving, grid floor and basements
  • Commands for the realization of parametric neutral 3D elements
  • Commands for creating bar counters, monoblock kitchens and worktops with sinks
  • Command for the creation of self-service distribution systems
  • Dimensioning of exhaust systems with three-dimensional construction of pipelines
  • Identification of areas and equipment
  • Analysis in a real-time of the project with summary of total list price, power consumption, gas and heat output
  • Possibility of replacing the equipment inserted with verification of changes in price and consumption of the whole project
  • Ability to translate the descriptions of the products a drawing in various languages
  • Generation of technical drawings with 2D/3D views and technical legends for final printing
  • Automatic rendering of your 3D drawing with applications of materials and lights to the scene
  • Automatic creation of technical layout for special items to be sent to the manufacturer
  • Automatic generation of the final offer from a project
  • Importing products directly from the offer previously made
  • MasterChef CAD includes MasterChef QUOTE for the automatic generation of the offer.


Area: All over the world
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