Plaza Crystal International 18th Anniversary

PlazaCrystalCompany Background 
Plaza Crystal International is a company that markets products imported from several countries in Europe and America to Indonesia, particularly Furniture, Lighting, Crystal, Gift and Accessories. Our showrooms are known as the Plaza Crystal & Furniture is located in the halls Plaza Crystal & furniture.
Crystal Plaza was founded 18 years ago, starting from Bohemia agency located in Jakarta Polim Commander. But along with the lifestyle, in 2005, was present at the Crystal Plaza Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav 46 Sudirman - Jakarta 10220. Building with nine floors and spacious 8000 m2, a trendsetter in design exclusive furniture showroom as a "One Stop Shopping for Word Class Brand" ranging from the style of classic style, modern classic, contemporary, minimalist, to modern.
18 year establishment Plaza Crystal is progressing very well where the Crystal Plaza into furniture and lighting showroom best in Southeast Asia, especially with the program "Money Back Guarantee" if the same products and brands at lower prices found at other than Plaza Crystal showroom.

Division Ritail
• Chandelier (exclusive lighting) with brands: Swarovski, Versailles, John Murray, Clartes, Bohemia, Martha Stewart, Schonbek and Faustig.
• high class furniture brand: Jessica McClintock Home, Bob Mackie, Fine Hause, Blbeluccimobili, Arture, silik, Giani, Giorgio Collection, Lillian Adams, Eve Collection and Empire.
• Cristal Gift & Accessories by brand: Bohemia, Capodimonte, Marcello Giorgio, Soher, Moser and Caesar Crystal Bohemia.

IMG00272-20121208-1342Project Division
Architects and interior design we will help you realize your dream home. We will combine Furniture and Lighting purchased at Plaza Crystal with your home interior design with a combination of color, special effects paints, drawing detail, even adding additional panels with special designs.
Our client for this project division are: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta - Hotel Mulia Senayan - Jakarta, Grand Swiss - Belhotel Medan, Swiss - Belhotel Mangga Besar, Intercontinental Bali Resort, Grand Royal Panheger, Papandayan, The Amoroossa Hotel, Emilia Hotel, Grand Zuri Hotel, No Signboard Seafood, Ki Ha Na Japanese Restaurant, Ciputra Word and Lenmarc.

Product & Service
Plaza Crystal provides full import of branded furniture collections from several countries in Europe and the Americas ranging from sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, bar to bedroom sets to design a living room, family room, den to the bedroom. Classic style and modern style with some of the design choices of world famous brands like: Jessicas McClintock Home, Bob Mackie, Fine House, Arture, silik, Giani, Lillian Adams, Giorgio Collection, Eve Collection, Empire, and so on.

Lighting (Exclusive Chandelier)
To create a good lighting of any room, Plaza Crystal Chandelier is a specialist who provides a variety of collections of renowned lighting world number one, as Faustig, Swarovski, Schonbek, Bohemia, Cetau De Versailles and other leading brands. One of the advantages of the Plaza Crystal is a complete showroom and tersedian beragai Lighting & Crystal collection. Like the best work of lighting design brand Faustig an Islamic house of worship characteristic length of 15 meters installed at the Sultan Palace Amman and was named the world's biggest Chandelier by "GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORD".

Crystal, Porcelain, Silver and Accessories
For the lovers of Crystal, we provide a very complete collection of trinkets ranging from accessories to garnish the length of Brand Bohemia, Moser, Crystal Caesar, Moser, Nuria Grau, Ahura, Ceramiche Eros, Florence, Silverchain, Oil Painthing danAmerican Carpert. One of them, a brand we offer Moser Crystal Crystal is the pride of President Soekarno, King Juan Carlos I of the Spanish to Queen Elizabeth II. Requires gift in the form of Crystal to be presented to the relatives and friends who celebrate special moments? Crystal Plaza can provide it for you.

Consultants, Contractors, Architects & Interior
Crystal Plaza provides consulting services, contractors and interior architects to design residential, hotel and commercial space, even services "free interior design consultation" can call 021 57900600. Design your home's style ranging from classic to modern, all available at the Crystal Plaza. Dating and consult with our design your home.

Space Available
In the framework of the development of the business, the current Plaza Crystal provides a place of business for Resto and Café is located at Crystal Plaza - Nine floors, can connect 021 57.9006 million.

18th Anniversary Crystal Plaza associated with our new products from the French brand "LA Rosette" aims to tighten silahturahmi to our customers as well as newcomers to the Plaza Crystal. On the day of the 18th anniversary, we give big discount - massive 70% and 18% extra discount. With the theme "COUNTURE FRENCH PARTY" Entertainment presents: Female Izi Chamber, Caricature Artists, Cabaret Dance, Pantomime Act, Seta Royal Catering of Culture.
Crystal Plaza also reward loyal customers over time and strengthen relationships for all customers and coworkers. We believe Anniversary event is the right step in improving all aspects of service and customer relations at all so it is expected to increase customer confidence Brand Awareness and Brand Image Plaza Crystal.