It was with the aim of creating specialized software for the inflight catering industry, the development team at Kott Software began working on an enterprise level software system that would help inflight caterers stream line the entire catering business process. The team realized quickly that with changing global trends and large inflight catering having to compete with low margin and large volumes, process efficiency was of utmost importance to improve the bottom-line. Along with business process efficiency proper costing, budgetary control, prevention of wastage and informed decision-making based on key management reports are the critical factors that affect the success of the inflight catering business.

The result of their thinking is “Aero Chef” – a revolutionary web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which allows centralized management specifically designed for flight kitchens and airline caterers. AeroChef covers the core business functions and helps the customer relations and supply chain management. According to Mohan Mathew, Director – Business Development for Aero Chef, the software is proving to be a highly competitive one-stop solution for the inflight catering sector. The software system has found a niche market for its lighter version for premium event caterers and private jet catering companies in addition to large inflight catering companies.

Aero Chef has two variants: Flight Kitchen Management System (FKMS) and Airline Catering Management System (ACMS). The software system is built on the latest technology platform that is scalable and suitable for single location or multi-location caterers and airlines. It is designed to be highly user-friendly and implemented by end users. Some core functions include order management, contract management, operations management, menu management, delivery management, production management, inventory management, invoicing, accounting and more.

What makes AeroChef exceptional is, with a single-click, approved users get access to extensive management information system reports, costing, profitability reports and various other business intelligence reports. An innovative feature of AeroChef is the intelligent ability to forecast and backtrack all the information and complies with requirements for HACCPand industry quality standards. Being a fully-integrated solution, the application keeps track of information and business intelligence across departments and supports fast decision-making with the right information at the right time to the right person. Key to Aero Chef’s success is that it is flexible enough for a complete migration of catering business processes and enables third party integration with other software systems like SAP, Oracle, Sage and Airline reservation systems.

Kott Software is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company accredited by UKAS and audited byDNV (Det Norkse Veritas). It is a niche and premier software company specialized in In-flight catering, travel and hospitality, warehousing and logistics, export compliance, insurance with presence in United StatesUnited Kingdom, Switzerland and India. The company started operations in 1997 and services include software development, offshore services, IT consulting, re-engineering and enterprise solution implementation.

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