Banyan Group Releases Sustainability Report

Banyan Group, a pioneer in sustainable hospitality, proudly announces the release of its 18th Annual Sustainability Report. Guided by a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, community upliftment, and responsible tourism, Banyan Group’s continued dedication to designing with nature, fostering destination stewardship, and uplifting local hosts – remains true to its commitment to sustainable practices, rooted in its core values of 'Embracing the Environment, Empowering People'.

Banyan Tree Bintan - Turtle Conservation
Banyan Tree Bintan - Turtle Conservation

Banyan Spa & Wellbeing Academy
Banyan Spa & Wellbeing Academy

Key highlights from Banyan Group’s 2023 sustainability report:

Reduced Climate Change Emissions Intensity: By implementing various measures to reduce climate change emissions, including installing batch washers, and implementing solar panel projects, the Group reduced its emissions intensity per occupied room by 22%.

Waste Diversion: Through rigorous waste monitoring and recycling efforts, Banyan Group diverted 23% of total waste produced in full year 2023 to landfill with recycling or repurposing initiatives, underscored the Group’s dedication to responsible waste management.

Gender Pay Equity: Banyan Group remains committed to achieving equity, focusing first on addressing the gender pay gap. Ongoing efforts ensure fair compensation and equal opportunities for all associates, resulting in a 3.2% total adjusted gender pay gap.

Associate Wellbeing: In 2023, the Associate Wellbeing Index recorded a 5% increase across the organisation, as a direct result of Banyan Group’s efforts to ensure that the work environment is nurturing, inclusive and supportive. The Group regularly assesses associate wellbeing and rolled out more than 350 wellbeing programmes in 2023 to improve associates’ physical and mental health.

Community Empowerment: Through initiatives like the Seedlings programme, Banyan Group remains steadfast in its mission to empower communities through education, engagement, and employment opportunities. In 2023 alone, 119 young individuals were supported, and 1,313 internships were provided through the Seedlings programme. The company's commitment extends to supporting artisan communities, with 240 such communities receiving support in 2023, a 30% increase from the previous year.

“From the onset, Banyan Group’s sustainability journey has been a collective effort,” says Claire Chiang, Co-Founder of Banyan Group. “Together, we have been working tirelessly to cultivate a better future for our industry and the communities we serve. We’re proud of our progress and going into 2024 as we celebrate our Group’s 30th anniversary, our commitment to caring for our planet and our people—employees and host communities alike—remains steadfast.”

Throughout its journey in responsible tourism, the purpose-driven Group recognises that every action contributes to the preservation of the planet and the wellbeing of the communities by taking a holistic approach to sustainability.

About Banyan Group 

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru - Coral Planting
Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru - Coral Planting

Banyan Group (“Banyan Tree Holdings Limited” or the “Group” - SGX: B58) is an independent, global hospitality company with purpose. The Group prides itself on its pioneering spirit, design-led experiences and commitment to responsible stewardship. Its extensive portfolio spans over 70 hotels and resorts, over 60 spas and galleries, and 14 branded residences in over 20 countries. Comprising 12 global brands, including the flagship brand Banyan Tree, each distinct yet united under the experiential membership programme withBanyan. The founding ethos of “Embracing the Environment, Empowering People” is embodied through the Banyan Global Foundation and Banyan Academy. Banyan Group is committed to remaining the leading advocate of sustainable travel, with a focus on regenerative tourism and innovative programme that elevate the guest experience.
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