Fusion Suites Phuket Patong Launches in Southern Thailand

Thailand (March 13, 2024) — Fusion Hotel Group, a fully integrated lifestyle hospitality company, announces its first Fusion Suites property in Thailand.

Under its Fusion Suites brand, the Phuket property represents an exciting milestone in what is among Southeast Asia's most important beach destinations. The opening of the property is part of the Group's ambitious plan to expand its lodging wellness concepts in the region.

Fusion's brand portfolio includes resort and city center properties in prime destinations, including Cam Ranh, Da Nang, Saigon, Vung Tau and Ho Tram. The Fusion Suites offering is designed to target millennial-minded travelers who seek lifestyle accommodations and wish to connect and explore the surrounding destination.

“We are delighted to expand Fusion into Southeast Asia and Thailand’s premier tourist destination”, says David Roberts, Chief Operating Officer of the Fusion Hotel Group. David added: “Fusion's vision is to create truly unique lodging products focused on wellbeing and highly personal guest experiences and crafting those experiences to the local destination and traveler".

With 141 rooms & suites, Fusion's latest addition is located on the country's largest island. Fusion Suites Phuket Patong combines Thai charm and culture with Asian-influenced Portuguese design in natural surroundings. The property offers 5-star facilities, multiple swimming pools and a flagship spa.

Fusion Suites Phuket Patong is distinguished by its tropical hillside location that overlooks the Andaman Sea and Patong Beach, making it a quiet hideaway with scenic views and some of the island’s best sunsets. With its Maia Spa to pamper guests, its bespoke “breakfast anytime, anywhere” service, and a rooftop bar & tapas lounge, the resort represents a unique and special lodging addition to Phuket.

Room rates start at US$80/night.

For more information visit:

Fusion Suites Phuket Patong

Fusion Suites Phuket Patong

Fusion Suites Phuket Patong

Fusion Suites Phuket Patong

Fusion Suites Phuket Patong

Fusion Suites Phuket Patong


Fusion is a leader of wellness-inspired hospitality brands in Vietnam, managing 22 properties in Vietnam and Thailand and expanding to open new hotels and resorts in both countries.

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REJUVENATE YOUR MIND AND SOUL: Creating the next level in rejuvenation escapes, Fusion Retreats specialise in providing sanctuaries to support both the mind and soul. With a deeper focus on wellness and wellbeing, guests experience recovery and indulgent programmes that include meditation and medical treatment to support their specific needs. Whether it be stress-recovery, supporting injuries and strains to detoxification. All treatments are tailor-made to ensure revitalisation and revival.

A PLACE FOR THE DARING: No two are alike! Each select property represents the brand with its own individual design and services - original thinking leading to original experiences. Fusion Originals are unique and have bold styles for the discerning traveler. Set in prime locations in Vietnam’s city centres, guests enjoy creative and unexpected spaces along with Fusion’s signature high-quality services.

BRANDED RESIDENCES by fusion: Fusion Homes’ branded residences elevate developments to an exclusive offering, infusing character & uniqueness through its iconic designs and special character

URBAN RETREAT: Fusion Suites combines urban locations with a resort experience in the city. With spa or reflexology treatments, breakfast anywhere, anytime options and Fusionistas bespoke service, Fusion Suites provides guests a real retreat from the city.

A CULINARY ADVENTURE: A focus on culinary experience in special destinations. Maia Resorts offer getaways, filled with exceptional culinary journeys along with bespoke spa treatments. Whilst surrounded by coastal landscapes, guests are exposed to regional and thoughtfully crafted cuisine with local touches and the freshest ingredients.

A TOUCH OF THE INDIVIDUAL: Located in idyllic destinations in Fusion’s collection, comes original resort experiences with their own feel to fit their surroundings, Hotels by fusion offer truly one-of-a-kind experiences with accommodations and facilities under the management of Fusion Hotel Group.

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