Summerstar Tourist Parks Automate Revenue Management Processes Across Fourteen Properties with IDeaS

IDeaS G3 RMS adopted to modernise business processes and evolve its approach to pricing

IDeaS G3 RMS adopted to modernise business processes and evolve its approach to pricing

IDeaS G3 RMS adopted to modernise business processes and evolve its approach to pricing

SINGAPORE – Sept 14, 2023 – IDeaS, a SAS company, the world’s leading provider of hotel revenue management software and services, announced today that Summerstar Tourist Parks has adopted the IDeaS’ G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) across fourteen of its caravan and holiday park sites.

Summerstar previously relied on manual-based approaches to forecast demand and set prices. However, as its business grew, manually collecting multiple data sets and calculating information via spreadsheets became time-consuming and susceptible to errors and missed opportunities. To modernise its business processes and evolve its approach to pricing, Summerstar adopted IDeaS G3 RMS across all its properties.

“Summerstar Tourist Parks has sites across western and southern Australia, all of which have different peak seasons, special events, and guest preferences when it comes to booking. Historically, our approach to revenue management has been a very hands-on, manual process that was often de-prioritised in favour of other operational activities. We realised that to continue operating successfully, Summerstar must provide both the best customer experience and prices possible. As a result, it was critical that our length of stay and pricing are balanced through practicing effective revenue management,” said James Corbitt, director, Summerstar Tourist Parks.

By automating revenue-related tasks such as pricing, inventory management, and distribution channels, IDeaS empowers Summerstar to maximise its revenue potential. Automation within IDeaS G3 RMS delivers real-time data analysis, forecasting, and decision-making, allowing Summerstar to make data-driven pricing and distribution strategies. This ultimately leads to increased efficiency, improved revenue performance, and a competitive edge in the market.

“To provide accommodation options for every budget and attract guests at the right price, Summerstar must continually meet the market from a revenue management perspective. By analysing historical data and market trends, IDeaS enables Summerstar to forecast future demand accurately. This forecasting capability helps them to plan resources, inventory, and capacity effectively, ensuring that their properties can attract guests while minimising costs and maximising revenue,” said Jurgen Ortelee, managing director of APAC, IDeaS.

IDeaS G3 RMS will automatically assess Summerstar property performance and market demand while also deploying pricing decisions and length-of-stay controls across the distribution channels accordingly. The RMS not only generates prices that adapt to market changes, but it also considers the competitive landscape and a guest’s willingness to pay.

“Going forward IDeaS will help Summerstar grow as a business without the need for additional head-office resources dedicated to revenue management. We can minimise the loss of ‘in head’ knowledge and user error in the revenue management space by using an advanced, automated RMS. By continually analysing data and adjusting pricing strategies, IDeaS enables us to optimise revenue streams and increase profitability. And through monitoring market trends, competitor pricing, and customer behaviours, we can adjust pricing and distribution strategies to maintain a competitive edge and capture market share now and into the future,” concluded Corbitt.

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