Technology VIPs arriving into Sheraton Kuta, XCION 10TH

Wednesday, VIPs arriving into Sheraton Kuta, XCION 10TH

Mark a date with us for this week for XCION 10th CXOs Conference in Bali. For end users whom qualify for a free pass, ping to Fina or Audi via 62 896 3798 0369 or to 62 818 102085

mentioned code wix8888xcion

Hear Pak Phidi on stage , CEO and co founder of as one of the up and coming top locally produced world-class cloud stack solution :

For registered VIPs participants check with your group leaders the location of our welcome gala dinner for the first night of 01st of March, 2023

Thanks all, guests, partners, sponsors and friends we here to network, learn and share
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