Introducing SHR Group

We are excited to announce the union of two vibrant companies—Avvio and SHR—each with cutting-edge proprietary technology, significant global footprints, top-notch customer service, and inclusive corporate cultures.

We've changed our name to the SHR Group, but the aspects of working with us that you loved will always be there, along with some very exciting additions. Together, Avvio and SHR have developed, a potent global hotel technology platform that provides independent hoteliers and smaller groups with a genuinely end-to-end solution.

Avvio already has a significant presence in the UK, Ireland, and elsewhere, and we will be integrating Avvio's clients into the SHR Group family over the coming months.

Rod Jimenez, CEO of SHR Group, and Frank Reeves, Chief Evangelist, took some time to discuss the tremendous possibility we have with, our hotel services, and other topics.

The whole suite of hotel technology solutions and intelligent communications offered by SHR Group have been designed from the ground up to cooperate. All of them are supported by the ground-breaking platform, which maximizes income by studying every visitor contact in order to anticipate and improve every step of the booking and retention process.

SHR and Avvio are both well-liked companies. In our objective to restore control to the independent hotel industry, the SHR Group will expand on the principles that Avvio and SHR have established.

Sceptre Hospitality Resources, 2023
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