The OPENING of Sa'Mesa Seminyak

Located In Canggu & Seminyak , Bali. Inspired By The Italian Family Dining Experience.

The Sa’Mesa dining experience is based on “La Nonna Carmela,” an Italian Grandmother who invites everyone for dinner. The neighbor, the neighbor’s girlfriend, three different uncles, her children, grandchildren, and basically everyone else in her village. 

We successfully modernized this concept and are happy to introduce our “Experience Dinner” to you. A total of +/- 18 dishes, served over several courses in a modern shared dining concept. One large table full of people from all over, coming together and taking the time to embrace the slow Italian-style of dining. 

The food will be served along the center of the table so that everyone has a chance to taste and enjoy each of the dishes presented. Our concept at Sa’Mesa is to “Come as strangers, and leave as friends.” Surely a night to remember.

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