The Amazon Region is a good travel destination in 2023

The Juma Ópera Hotel and Juma Amazon Lodge offer comfort and sophistication for those who want to explore the city of Manaus and the Amazon Forest

Those who want to use 2023 to get to know some of Brazil’s and the world’s most incredible destinations can plan a tour through the Amazon region. Generally, the adventure starts off in the city of Manaus (AM), which serves as the entry point for exploring the region.

The capital of the state of Amazonas is home to a number of tourist spots that are worth visiting, such as the Museum of the Amazon (MUSA) and the Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market. Moreover, the city is home to the world's largest floating port.

Another not to be missed stop is the impressive Amazon Theater. Established in 1896, the venue stands out on account of its ceramic covered dome in the colors of the Brazilian flag. The theater is right in front of the Juma Ópera hotel, which is one of the city’s best options in terms of accommodation, with 41 spacious rooms along with a renowned restaurant.

After enjoying the best that the city has to offer, you can stay in hotels located in the middle of the forest, but which are not far from the state capital. A good example is the Juma Amazon Lodge, which is located in the municipality of Autazes, a mere three hours away from Manaus. During the trip, travelers also have the opportunity to see the so-called Meeting of the Waters, which is where the Negro and Solimões rivers come together.

Built virtually on top of the Juma River itself, the ecolodge welcomes its guests in charming bungalows built on stilts in the treetops. In addition to guaranteeing incredible views of the local fauna and flora, this type of architecture is necessary due to the dry and flood seasons that are found in the region.

The flood season, which lasts from March to August, is marked by an increase in the water level of the rivers, which can rise by as much as 15 meters. Those who visit the area during this period can plan a trip the igapós (flooded forests).

For its part, the dry season occurs between September and February. These are the months that are most recommended for people who are fans of fishing, since the rivers reach their lowest levels, reducing the amount of space for the fish. In addition, the chances of being able to spot animals such as alligators increase considerably.

Regardless of the time of the year, those who stay at Juma Amazon Lodge can enjoy the region’s main tours and attractions. The lodge organizes activities such as a tour in a canoe, a night tour, walks in the forest and even a visit to a roughly 100-year-old Sumaúma tree (which is the largest species of tree in the Amazon Forest).

The list of activities also includes the possibility of climbing trees to gaze at the forest from a different perspective, bird watching, interactions with the pink river dolphins, and a trip to the Janauari Lake, where you can have lunch and see huge numbers of giant Victoria water lilies. In addition, travelers can visit the Dessana tribe, who speak the Tucana language, as well as the house of a native caboclo (a person with mixed Indigenous Brazilian and European ancestry) who shares their knowledge of medicinal plants and about the production of manioc flour.

In-between one program and another, the ecolodge’s guests can rest in the hammock area and pay a visit to the museum that is located on the property, which displays information about the indigenous culture. Another one of the highlights is the restaurant, which offers international recipes and dishes that include ingredients that are typical of the local gastronomy.

About Juma Amazon Lodge

Located in Autazes, at a distance of 100 kilometers from Manaus (AM), the Juma Amazon Lodge is 100% sustainable and has 19 bungalows built on stilts in the treetops. The lodge’s infrastructure includes a river pool, a restaurant, a hammock area, a 31-meter-high observation tower in the middle of the forest, a museum with information about the Amazon and a solar power plant. The lodge also organizes tours of the region with specialized guides.

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About the Juma Opera

Inaugurated on February 2, 2020, the boutique hotel Juma Ópera is located right in front of the Amazon Theater and close to Manaus’ main tourist attractions. Its infrastructure includes 41 suites, most of which have a view of the Theater, along with a restaurant, a bar, a gym, a space for events, and a rooftop area with a swimming pool.

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