Azana Hotels Group

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Our journey as national hotel management in Indonesia has started since 2007. We're more than just a hotel operator, we offered a full range of service & strategy to ensure our properties could grow to their highest potential.

Our team is powered by a dynamic, innovative and creative young talented team. We combine a wide range of experts in the hospitality industry, that make Azana Hotels & Resorts your reliable partner to run your properties.

We manage each of our hotels unit with meticulous attention to detail. Thus helps us becoming the fastest growing hotel operator in Indonesia despite any circumstances, including during global pandemic.

In Azana Hotels & Resorts we cater various market segments; from dynamic budget traveler, tech savvy business people, family up to luxury travelers. There always solutions we offered to your business with our brands such as Front One, The Azana, Azana Styles, Votel Hotel, Flow Inn and Azana Essence.

Our primary goal is not only to run your hotel excellently but also ensure each and every hotel will prevail in any given market conditions. Our work frame is mainly concern in performing high standard of hospitality as well as running business excellently.

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