Embracing the Post-Pandemic World, Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design

(ICAD) 12 Returns with “Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow” ICAD 12 explores various possibilities in the renewed chapter that awaits us. [ICAD invites creatives to respond to its main theme, “Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow”. Image courtesy of ICAD]

Jakarta, August 2022 — The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated and massively changed the world. Every aspect of our lives has been affected. The direction of change, however, is determined by the perspectives we use, both individually and as social beings.

The pandemic is finally coming to an end. Before the world takes a step forward and begins a new chapter, the fundamental question of whether a pandemic will destroy everything and force humanity to restart is unavoidable. With so much uncertainty, new opportunities present themselves. The 12th edition of Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) sees the need to reflect on this critical juncture—a time in which the past and the future intersect.

A moment in which we look back to the things that have ended, as well as the possibilities that lie ahead.

Through an understanding of ‘reconstruction’ as a process of not only creating the new, but also ‘reshaping’ the old, ICAD invites creatives and their collaborating partners to express various creative ideas in the form of works and programs that may depict a future world.

What insights and habits have we learned during the pandemic or throughout the history of our society, which should be preserved, abandoned, or redesigned? The new ideas proposed are molded not only by individual and communal experiences over the last two years, but also by the specific and unique nature, culture, and ways of adapting to change in contemporary Indonesian society.

ICAD also prioritizes creativity as a solution for improving the economy and tourism through this concept. By adopting “Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow” as the theme for this year’s ICAD, we hope that ICAD 12 will provide a space to explore these ideas and even realize the next step of the solutions proposed, as well as connect them to the public.

As a platform for bridging design, art, and various disciplines such as fashion, film, hospitality, F&B, and more, ICAD 12 will feature at least 50 multidisciplinary creatives. This year's exhibition will feature prominent contemporary artists, young creators, collectives, or communities working in art, design, music, culture, and new materials. Throughout the process, the curators and artistic team at ICAD have conducted research on those creative talents. The following Indonesian and international designers, artists, architects, musicians, photographers, and collectives have been confirmed as ICAD 12 participants:

1. Nyoman Nuarta (Architect, Sculptor | Bandung)
2. Heri Dono (Artist | Yogyakarta)
3. Mella Jaarsma (Artist | Yogyakarta)
4. Nasirun (Artist | Yogyakarta)
5. Titarubi (Artist | Yogyakarta)
6. Natasha Tontey (Artist | Yogyakarta)
7. Digital Nativ (Tech Artists | Jakarta - Collective)
8. Muhammad Fadli (Documentary Photographer | Jakarta)
9. Iyonono (Fashion Designer | Jakarta)
10. Trianzani Sulshi (Architect | Jakarta)
11. Eddie Hara x Rebellionik (Artists | Basel - Jakarta)
12. Tomy Herseta (Sound Engineer | Bandung)

In order to identify promising individuals and collectives, ICAD has also opened its doors to anyone since 2019 to submit their creations in response to the festival's theme for a further selection process. These are the 12 artists who have been chosen to exhibit their work in our main venue:

Candrani Yulis (Yogyakarta) | Dhanny 'danot' Sanjaya (Tangerang) | Dian Hardiansyah (Yogyakarta) | Haiza Putti (Jakarta) | Grafis Nusantara (Jakarta) | Jérémy Griffaud (Nice) | Kevin Jordanus (Bali) | Lilia Li-Mi-Yan and Katherina Sadovsky (Moscow) | Sultan Putra (Surabaya) | Sza Sza Anggun (Jakarta) | Theo Nugraha (Samarinda) | Yue Yin (London)

The main exhibition will once again take place at the grandkemang Hotel, South Jakarta on 19 October to 27 November 2022 with program activation at various partner venues and public places in the Kemang area.

ICAD has built its foundation by offering curated exhibitions and programs that highlight current creations and innovations in an effort to become a platform for collaboration across disciplines and industries. ICAD 12 will also include collaborative programmes with other institutions; exhibitions surrounding biobased architecture materials in collaboration with Erasmus Huis, outcomes of a material-centered design workshop initiated by the British Council, results of a designer's residency program supported by l'Institut Français d'Indonésie (IFI), and many more.

Public programmes will be held in collaboration with ICAD 12 partners during the exhibition's six-week run, including:
Design Talks and workshops with local and international speakers, which will be held on a hybrid basis
ICAD Awards, in which some contemporary artists who support ICAD are nominated and one is awarded
Film screenings of design and art-related filmsICAD will also bring back the #KEMANG12730, where each participating partner can propose and run activities such as workshop programs, dance classes, exhibitions of young artists, cycling, and many others.

ICAD has reached its 12th edition this year through consistency and a long journey full of ideas, pleasures, and exchanges. We aim to continue bringing design, art, and other creative fields together by continuing to imagine, inspire, and facilitate designers, artists, and other art practitioners in the country. In order to build and sustain a creative ecosystem in Indonesia, ICAD recognizes the importance of maintaining the synergy between creative practitioners, communities, industry, education centers, and the government. We hope that ICAD will continue to grow and become the country's leading platform for the creative industry.

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About ICAD

Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) is the first and the only exhibition that initiated the collaboration of design, art, technology, entertainment, and hospitality industry; involving interior designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, scenographers, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, and many other creators. ICAD is held annually to explore the richness of Indonesia’s local wisdom in a contemporary way.

Held for the first time in 2009, ICAD has become a large-scale exhibition, promoting design and contemporary art in Indonesia. It is held for 6 to 8 weeks, accompanied by fringe events, conventions, workshops, and film screenings.
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