Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow

ICAD 12: “Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow”

Explorations of the post-pandemic world of design and art.

[ICAD invited creatives to respond to its main theme, “Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow”.

Jakarta, October 2022 — This year's Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) 12 theme was "Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow," with the goal of understanding the process of social development while exploring the relationship between the past and the future. This topic is inextricably linked to the pandemic as a collective memory that has affected all of us. According to the ICAD 12 Curatorial Team's notes, 

“Within the realities of social issues offered through the featured works, we encounter the participants’ critical view and imagination. Through this exhibition, we discover various opinions from the participants, ranging from humorous to political and analytical to speculative; their ideas contribute to a spectrum of knowledge and discussion on timely topics surrounding the environment, history, technology, and civilisation.”

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ICAD 12 will feature 59 multidisciplinary creative actors ranging from senior contemporary artists to young creators, collectives, or communities working in art, design, music, culture, and new materials. Their works will be divided into five (5) categories: Special Appearance, In Focus, Featured, Open Submission, and Collaboration. Three (3) international artists from France, England, and Russia are participating in the Open Submission category.

The names of the ICAD 12 participants are as follows:

Nyoman Nuarta
Heri Dono
Mella Jaarsma
Adhi Nugraha
AMODA x Bedlam & Origin Research
Arafura Media Design
Ayu Andiani Putri
BaNa x TAGA & Baséput
Digital Nativ
Dona Arissuta
Dwi Sutarjantono, Syahmedi Dean & Miranti Johan
Hardiman Radjab
Hendro Hadinata
Henri Affandi
Irmandy Wicaksono
Iwan Esjepe
Izat Arif
Krishnamurti Suparka
M. S. Alwi
Made Wiguna Valasara
Mira Prihatini & John Martono
Muhammad Fadli x Fatris MF x Jordan Marzuki
Natasha Tontey
Pinky Gurl x Wilsen Willim
Sarita Ibnoe
Studio Woork
Tab Space
Tomy Herseta with Convert Textured
Trianzani Sulshi
Wanara Design Studio
Candrani Yulis
Dhanny ‘Danot’ Sanjaya
Dian Hardiansyah
Grafis Nusantara
Haiza Putti
Jérémy Griffaud
Kevin Jordanus
Lilia Li-Mi-Yan & Katherina Sadovsky
Sultan Putra
Sza Sza Anggun
Theo Nugraha
Yue Yin

  • ASPaC (In collaboration with ADGI & The Japan Foundation Jakarta)
  • BRI: Studio Woork and bjhomemade
  • Erasmus Huis: PLAYO and Company New Heroes
  • Eztu Glass
  • ICAD Collective (In collaboration with Azarikh, Coune, and Rimbawan Gerilya)
  • Institut Francais d'Indonesia (IFI): Leo Rabiet and Givan Rangga Mahardika
  • Kemendikbudristek Immersive Box (In collaboration with Eldwin Pradipta and Way Arifian)
  • The British Council (In collaboration with CAST Foundation, PLAYO, and the Applied Arts Scotland)
The main ICAD exhibition will return to the grandkemang Hotel in South Jakarta, open to the public from October 20 to November 27, 2022. This exhibition is free, but visitors must first register for admission on the official ICAD website,

ICAD 12 will feature a variety of works that demonstrate innovation in the exploration of alternative materials, such as PLAYO's architectural exhibition using bio-based materials in collaboration with Erasmus Huis and the results of a British Council-initiated design workshop focused on sustainable materials. Other works bring the subject of inclusivity, such as Tactogram, which presents its original universal navigation system to support accessibility for the blind, and Tab Space, with young artists and illustrators with disabilities, use the concept of "open studio" to demonstrate a collaborative process in producing works.

Collaborative works are also featured in the Kemendikbudristek Immersive Box, which displays a variety of cultural heritage and installations of MSME products in collaboration with a design studio.

In addition to the exhibition, ICAD 12 features eight (8) sessions of talkshow programs, workshops, and masterclass, all of which are co-hosted by creative practitioners, associations, and foreign cultural centers. Koalisi Seni, MPA (Motion Picture Association), and Ganara Art, an arts and cultural education institution focusing on arts management and creative curriculum, are among ICAD's partners in this year's program.

Kemang 12730, ICAD's first district event in Indonesia since 2021, will also return this year. ICAD reintroduced the Kemang area of South Jakarta as a design and art district in Jakarta through this region-based festival. More than 50 venues in the Kemang area will participate in a variety of interesting programs, including exhibitions, workshops, special menu displays,product launches, special discounts, and public weekend markets.

ICAD continues to develop its partners through consistency and a long journey full of ideas, flavours, and exchanges, one of which is by beginning to collaborate with community partners outside of design and art. We hope to be a leading platform in bringing together design, art, and other disciplines by continuing to inspire and facilitate designers, artists, and other creative economy practitioners in the country.

ICAD recognizes the importance of maintaining synergy among creative practitioners, communities, industry, education centers, and the government in developing and sustaining Indonesia's creative economy ecosystem. This year, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenparekraf) chose ICAD as one of the top five official agenda items for the Kharisma Event Nusantara (KEN) 2022.

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About ICAD

Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) is the first and the only exhibition that initiated the collaboration of design, art, technology, entertainment, and hospitality industry; involving interior designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, scenographers, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, and many other creators. 

ICAD is held annually to explore the richness of Indonesia’s local wisdom in a contemporary way. Held for the first time in 2009, ICAD has become a large-scale exhibition, promoting design and contemporary art in Indonesia. It is held for 8 weeks, accompanied by fringe events, conventions, workshops, and film screenings.

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