FHA Match: HoReCa!


We're less than a week to FHA Match: HoReCa! Happening 27 September, join your industry peers as they hear subject experts and key opinion leaders discuss Hospitality Trends, Hotel Innovation Challenge Asia (HICA), NFT's & FinTech for Hospitality, and more. On top of that, pre-arrange meetings with exhibitors at the physical show happening 25 - 27 October 2022 at Singapore Expo. Hurry, register free now!


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Winners and Losers in Foodservice: Strategies for Brands to Thrive and Survive
This intelligence session will look at changes in APACS foodservice sector and market trends offer surprising growth opportunities moving into 2023.
Drawing on GlobalData's Consumer and Foodservice Intelligence, Tim Hill will be showing the new consumer landscape in APAC, a detailed foodservice market forecast, and eight winning strategies for foodservice brands.

NFT’s in Hospitality: From Basics, Business & New Beginnings

If Nike can sell a pair of virtual shoes for $186,000, what will people pay for an NFT that grants them exclusive digital and physical perks at your hotel or restaurant? Non- fungible tokens (NFT’s) or digital assets that cannot be replicated, open up many possibilities in a wide range of industries, including hospitality. But how exactly can you use them in your hospitality business?

The Power of GBAC STAR: Are you Cleaning for Health?

Cleaning for appearance is no longer sufficient. The public now understands that a surface can look and smell clean but still harbor infectious disease-causing germs. Facilities must adopt a “cleaning for health” approach to restore confidence, uphold brand reputation, and minimize the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining a safe and healthy indoor space. Real-world case studies from American Airlines, JFK International Airport, Hyatt Hotels, NBA and NFL professional teams will be presented with solutions that are sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective

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