The best countries for snorkeling around the world

The sea is one of the most beautiful views in the world. Exploring under the ocean is even more spectacular. There are stunningly bright coral reefs to swim through and excitingly unique animals to discover.

Snorkeling allows us to recreationally observe and explore the alien worlds just under the ocean surface and it can also leave us with some lifelong memories. But, which oceans and seas are the best for snorkelers and divers to experience?

To find out, we’ve analyzed the world’s seas on several factors such as coral reef areas, fish species, and available snorkeling tours, to reveal the best countries for snorkeling around the world.

Australia, with its ever so famous Great Barrier Reef, ranks as the best place to visit for snorkeling in the world

It’s home to the second largest area of coral reef in the world which equates to 17.22% of the world’s total coral reef area! Amazingly, Australia’s ocean contributes 0% to plastic waste emission, meaning it’s actively keeping our oceans clean.

The Maldives take second position for the best snorkeling location in the world, being home to almost 3.14% of the world’s total coral reefs

The low sea temperature spread of 0.45% means you’ll likely only need one set of gear and one wetsuit wherever you go snorkeling here.

The United States has placed joint third with Cuba for the best snorkeling destination in the world. 

The US has the 7th highest number of fish species across 50 countries and is also home to the third largest coral system in the world - Florida Reef. Whilst also having a plentiful variety of fish species to spot, Cuba contributes to 0% of global plastic waste emissions.



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