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A Culinary Trail Journey at Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape

Conserving Traditional Balinese Cuisine and Foraging in the Wild with Local Communities

Bali, 5th August 2022 – Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape is a result of a deep understanding of its vicinity, the resort’s naked experience through the ‘no walls, no doors’ design concept reflects the agriculture, religious, cultural and artisan craftsmanship of the local Balinese lifestyle. The exceptional culinary journey at Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape focuses on a wholly sustainable approach, using local ingredients from nearby farms and local suppliers to celebrate creative cultural experiences and preserve lost ancient Balinese recipes.

A Wholly Sustainable Approach

At the heart of the resort are the Open Kitchen and Living Room, both open dining and lounge spaces that are created to evoke a sense of community. It is where guests are invited to learn how the resort reinvents the basics of food and drink through its unique zero-waste farm to table concept, local sourcing philosophy and heritage techniques. Guests can also observe the chefs cooking and preparing the meals and be part of the cooking experience.

The Botanist Bar located just above the Open Kitchen and Living Room is centred around the use of local-grown natural ingredients and botanicals infused into its beverages. House-made kombuchas, sodas, local “Jamu”, mocktails and cocktails are designed to excite the tastebuds utilising unique ingredients from Balinese traditions, such as Moringa and Bongkot. The menu concept is curated with 70% plant-based and locally sourced within a one-hour drive from the property. This concept was developed through a collaboration with Agency X, a local consultant group that houses the acclaimed restaurant Locavore and runs a food laboratory and tasting kitchen, creatively enhancing a sense of place.

Buahan Born Chef Eka Sunarya Leads Culinary Team

The culinary team at Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape is helmed by Chef Eka Sunarya. He was born in Buahan and celebrates the roots, culture, traditions of his village and community. Starting his inspirational culinary journey in Ubud, at the Culinary School for Food and Beverage, he was soon recognised as one of the rising stars from the most prestigious international hotel groups. Eka finds his inspiration in sharing his vast knowledge and culinary art with guests, providing a sense of wellbeing and enriching memories that will last a lifetime.

Joining Eka is Chef Surya Antara, whose culinary creation is inspired by the hearty meals prepared by his parents during his childhood. Classic food and modern Indonesian cuisine have captured his interest since the very beginning of his culinary career and Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape has given Surya a space to further express and deepen the cooking techniques that will delight tastebuds.

Mocktails and cocktails are crafted by Resident Mixologist, Ariyadi Saputra, familiarly known as Adi. As a young man, he was always captivated by how bartenders entertain behind the bar every time he visited restaurants and soon realised his passion for mixology. Adi loves the idea of how innovative a person can be and always challenges himself to creatively amuse guests while at the same time presenting delectable beverages.

Traditional Cooking Heritage

Incorporating Buahan’s heritage flavours, Banyan Tree Escape celebrates the importance of ingredients or “Bumbu” that elevate the senses and palate in enjoying each dish that are not only delicious but comes with a lot of health benefits from the spices, such as turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, and green vegetables. Classic local and Indonesian dishes from the Open Kitchen combine the local freshness, seasonal harvests and ethically sourced meats in nuanced artisanal recipes.

The resort uses ancient wood-fired cooking techniques at the traditional “Paon” kitchen to offer guests a unique version of the island’s rich culinary heritage. A smoky and fragrant flavour from the spices and herbs, using wood fire stove and heritage cooking methods elevates the culinary experience accompanied with stories and traditional techniques from the Chefs.

Immerse in Nature and Forage in the Wild

Known as a fertile village in Bali, Buahan is surrounded by the Ayung River located 700 metres above sea level which makes this area rich with wild plants, fruits, and vegetables. Cocoa and coffee beans, wild berries, pepper, sugar palm, midrib mushrooms to stingless bees and sago caterpillars can easily be found here. Guests at Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape can immerse in nature and forage in the wild and directly pick, smell and taste the natural produce including farm harvesting, guided by Buahan Hosts who will share the benefits and usage of each of the ingredients. Afterwards, bring the harvested produce back to the resort and indulge in the freshly prepared meals at the Open Kitchen.

“We encourage our guests to explore next-level dining experiences and to fully sense the Balinese heritage and culture through the cuisine”, shared Eka Sunarya, Culinary Curator of Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape. Eka continued, “We welcome our guests to embark on a new concept of culinary and immerse in the fine culinary art of Bali while also conserving the almost forgotten local recipes and traditions”.

Escape Conversations

Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape organises a series of Escape Conversations at selected times throughout the year where guests are able to engage in meaningful interactions with the experts behind the spirit of Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape, such as the Culinary Curator, Architects and Designers, Hosts and Partners. Presented in a communal and interactive setting, Escape Conversations allow guests to have a deeper understanding, inspiration and appreciation on the story of Buahan.

One of the latest culinary collaborations at Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape is with Chef Gede Yudiawan from Dapur Bali Mula, who also happens to be a Pemangku, or Priest, in his district. His specialty is cuisine from North Bali where he uses locally sourced fresh ingredients combined with traditional techniques from Chef Eka resulting in one-of-a-kind culinary creations that satisfies all senses, titled “Nyegara Gunung”. With the deep story of Balinese culture symbolising the relationship between the sea and the mountain as an inseparable unit, this culinary collaboration serves as Chef Eka and Chef Gede’s interpretation on the philosophy by combining ingredients from the mountain and the sea.

Celebrating the Local “Ibu”

Celebrating local craftswoman, Buahan invites the local “Ibu” from the Buahan village to showcase the creation of home-made coconut oil with techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. Guests will also be able to participate in the coconut oil making with “Ibu-Ibu” while learning about the hereditary recipe as well as many of the benefits of pure hand-made coconut oil and how they utilise coconut in their daily lives to make various produce without wasting any of the beneficial elements from the ingredients that they can find in their backyards.

Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape is an adult-only resort welcoming guests 18-year and above. Visit Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape's website, for more information and reservations ( and follow its Instagram @banyantree.escape for more stories.


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