Working holidays have soared in popularity, especially after so many companies have adapted a hybrid or remote working policy. In fact, since April 2021 to July 2022, global searches for ‘working holiday’ have increased by 82.66%.

Research from William Russell analysed factors such as monthly rental costs, internet speed, safety and fun level to establish the best locations around the world for working holidays.

Please view the full research here:

The table of top 10 ranked countries

1Ko Pha Ngan, ThailandUS$1,051Fast: 24MbpsGreatGreat
2Gran Canaria, SpainUS$1,789Fast: 35MbpsGoodGreat
3Lisbon, PortugalUS$2,429Fast: 28MbpsGreatGreat
4Austin, TX, USAUS$3,797Super Fast: 76MbpsGreatGood
5Sao Paolo, BrazilUS$1,495Good: 6MbpsGreatOkay
6Budapest, HungaryUS$1,637Fast: 30MbpsGoodGood
7Canggu, Bali, IndonesiaUS$1,411Fast: 25MbpsGoodGreat
8Belgrade, SerbiaUS$1,555Fast: 27MbpsGoodGood
9Berlin, GermanyUS$3,465Fast: 27MbpsGoodGreat
10Buenos Aires, ArgentinaUS$904Good: 6MbpsGoodOkay

The research reveals the following:

The Thai island Ko Pha Ngan is officially the world’s best workation destination in the analysis. The party island ranks very highly for both fun and safety, as well as having one of the lowest monthly rent costs at $1,051.

Gran Canaria in Spain ranks second for the best working holiday locations. The island has one of the fastest internet speeds on the list at 35Mbps and is also considered a very safe destination.

Austin in Texas, USA tops the list for the fastest internet, with speeds of 76Mbps. Despite this, the city has the most expensive monthly rent out of any locations analysed in the top 10, at $3,797.

The research also takes a closer look at six countries that both a) feature regularly in lists of the best countries to work abroad and b) are highly popular with our members, including digital nomads. Georgia, Estonia, Dubai, Antigua and Barbuda and Barbados are the top 5.

William Cooper, Marketing Director, at William Russell says:

“Combining work and vacation time is a clever way to extend your stay in a destination that benefits both you and the local people. More places are setting up coworking spots, beefing up wifi, and changing legislation to attract remote workers.

The workation trend emerged in 2012. Then large corporations introduced this option as one of the bonuses for their employees. However, the format of a workation was a little different: several teams travelled together out of town or to another country for a week to work, relax and unite.

Remote work is here to stay. In fact, an estimated one in four Americans are doing it. The flexibility of working wherever and whenever you want means it’s finally practical for families to take extended workations away from their primary residence — whether that be on an extended cruise, road trip or even a vacation home.

By learning to balance work and play within your home — or second home — you can have a more fulfilling career as well as a more rewarding lifestyle.”

The team at William Russell have also prepped their 7 workation tips for you:

Schedule it in advance and do your research properly to know what to expect. What are the risks? And how can you avoid or minimise them? Calculate your budget: living in another city or country can be unpredictable and unexpectedly expensive. Be prepared to save money for housing, coworking (if needed), food, insurance, and other options.

Set a routine and declutter physically and digitally. Work requires
stability, and moving every two or three days will be more exhausting than energising. And you also need to see a new area.

Be aware of culture shock and cultural sensitivities to avoid finding yourself in tricky situations.

Define boundaries with colleagues and family members, so they respect your work time if you have a workation with them.

Make sure you have all the vaccinations you need for your destination, including your COVID-19 vaccination.

Schedule your free time to explore the new country and stay productive.

Have a safety net in case things go wrong – international health insurance will enable you to access private treatment if you’re injured or become ill.


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