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Aman Essentials Introduces The Leather Collection

26 August 2022 - For over three decades, Aman has offered its guests transformative experiences for mind, body and soul at its 34 sanctuaries across the globe. Having become renowned for promoting freedom from everyday routine and an altogether simpler way of living, in 2018 the brand set out to make this coveted lifestyle accessible in the comfort of home with the arrival of Aman Essentials – a collection of bespoke products inspired by the world of Aman. Today, it expands its offering, introducing an inaugural line of leather accessories designed to form timeless additions to any wardrobe.

Following the success of the Aman Essentials Ready-to-Wear line which launched in 2021, The Leather Collection reimagines Aman’s lifestyle experience into everyday essentials. Nineteen unique designs include card cases, wallets, passport cases, handbags and smaller collection items that reinvent classic shapes, with silhouettes elevated and refined for contemporary appeal.

Disregarding seasonal trends, subtle design details form a design language exclusive to the collection creating a connection to the Aman community. For wallets and card holders, the geometry of the Aman logo has been combined with the traditional Japanese folding technique, origami, to create practical pocket detailing, while contrasting nappa linings add interest and intrigue, inspired by the colourful landscapes of Aman destinations - White Sand, Aman Grey, Mink, Grass Green, Aqua, Sunrise and Earth – and reflecting the exceptional surroundings of the brand’s resorts and hotels. Use of complex layering techniques and negative space reveal the apex of the letter A from the Aman logo throughout, which also appears embossed on tote bags and intricately hand-transcribed on leather charms using traditional marquetry techniques.

Hand-crafted by family-run businesses in France and Italy, the quality of each product is unsurpassed. Buttery-soft lamb, goat and calfskin from artisan tanneries is combined with Italian hardware and ergonomic zips designed to fit the curve of the hand and autonomous craftsmanship and age-old construction processes ensure each piece has a lifelong place in the wardrobe of its owner.

Speaking on the development of the collection, Kristina Romanova, Aman Essentials CEO said: “The combination of our heartfelt attention to detail, our pursuit of quality at any cost, and our belief in the restorative power of

simplicity represents the ‘Spirit of Aman’. Aman’s first-ever line of leather accessories was created to echo this imitable spirit, creating pieces designed to be loved for years to come.”

In addition to Aman boutiques at Aman destinations around the globe, The Leather Collection will be available on Aman’s e-commerce platform,, with distribution globally. Continuing the brands journey beyond the parameters of its hotels and resorts, the collection features 19 different styles and retail prices range from $250-$4,000.


Since 1988, Aman has offered its guests an opportunity to cast aside quotidian distractions and explore the possibilities of a better self. Today, encompassing 34 resorts, hotels and private residences in 20 countries, the brand continues to seek out transformative experiences and awe-inspiring locations around the world offering an escape from the hectic pace of daily life.

Designed to continue Aman’s holistic journey outside the parameters of its hotels and resorts, Aman Skincare was born in 2018, making the brand’s coveted lifestyle accessible from the comfort of home for the very first time. Offering beautiful, scented formulas using powerful all-natural ingredients and inspired by Aman Spas, Aman Skincare’s success later led to the creation of Sva, a range of supplements designed to help maintain optimum health, and Aman Fine Fragrance, a collection of seven scents inspired by Aman destinations which launched in 2021. This sentiment was echoed a few months later, with the arrival of Ready-to-Wear, a collection of contemporary pieces designed to seamlessly fit into the wardrobe of any Aman guest. Today, each of these distinct verticals belong to Aman Essentials; a collection of everyday items created and inspired by the world of Aman. Aman Essentials is available exclusively online and in Aman boutiques across the globe.


Aman was founded in 1988 with the vision of building a collection of intimate retreats with the unassuming, warm hospitality of a gracious private home. The first, Amanpuri (place of peace) in Phuket, Thailand, introduced the concept and, since then, Aman has grown to encompass 34 exquisitely serene hotels and resorts in 20 destinations across the world. A further nine projects are under construction. In such spectacular settings, Aman has honed its offering with its transformative influence on mind, body and spirit through harmoniously designed environments transporting guests out of their everyday lives. Twelve properties also offer private branded Residences: sanctuaries that go beyond commonplace notions of luxury allowing a select few to make the Aman way of life a permanent reality.

With innovation a cornerstone of the brand’s philosophy, in 2020, Aman welcomed a new hotel brand, Janu - meaning ‘soul’ in Sanskrit. Janu offers a unique take on hospitality where genuine human interaction, playful expression and social wellness are at the core of the experience. Janu aims to bring balance to the head and heart and rekindle the soul. Three forthcoming Janu hotels are already under construction: Montenegro (2023), AlUla in Saudi Arabia (2023) and Tokyo (2023). Janu Montenegro will be the first hotel to incorporate the serviced Residences concept, enabling guests to wholly embrace the Janu’s spirit.

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