How Hotelier Indonesia Can Use Data to Optimise HGE

How Hotelier Indonesia Can Use Data to Optimise the Hotel Guest Experience

Using Data to Optimise the Hotel Guest Experience

Thursday, May 26
11:00AM GST / 15:00 SGT, BST +7

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Webinar Focus
  • How hoteliers can use data across the guest’s search, booking, and in-destination journey
  • Improve the guest experience and maximise revenue
  • Live Q&A with experts from VenueLytics and Sojern

Featured Speakers

Francis X Garcia
VP Marketing & Business Development, VenueLytics

Baskar Manivannan
Co-Founder and CEO, VenueLytics

Joanna Teevan
Senior Manager, Strategic Accounts, Sojern

Jonathan Kreifels
Program Manager, Strategic Accounts, Sojern

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how travellers search and book travel. Relying on the same tactics will no longer cut it. In this webinar, VenueLytics joins Sojern to share how hoteliers can use the data available at their fingertips to improve their guest experience, all the way from the planning and booking phase to the in-destination experience, and building loyalty and repeat bookings over time. VenueLytics and Sojern will touch on the key stages of the traveller journey and how you can use data to perfect your guest’s experience, and maximise revenue for your property. As always, we will end with a live Q&A for attendees to ask the experts their questions.

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