Henrik Widman appointed new Head of Sales at Turnpike Group

A new strong force is joining the Turnpike team today. Henrik Widman is the new person in charge of sales for the rapidly growing Swedish SaaS-company on the mission to empowering frontline staff. With extensive experience in building international sales organisations he's now joining Turnpike to scale the offering in Sweden and rest of Europe.

“I’m super excited to join the team at Turnpike to build up the commercial function and accelerate the expansion. I see huge potential in Turnpike's solution, both for staff using it, but also for the end consumer who gets better support and an improved experience. As a very result-oriented person I’m of course attracted to the vast potential and therefore very eager to get out there to share the story and show tangible results for clients”, says Henrik Widman on his first day as Head of Sales.

Retail is undergoing a massive transformation accelerated by the pandemic, fundamentally changing the role of retail employees.

Turnpike provides a discreet digital communication system using smartwatches to connect staff and optimise store operations, in realtime. By providing tasks, shift schedules, messages and alerts on the co-workers wrists, they become more efficient and customer centric. Always in the right place at the right time, focused on the most important activity.

“What I really like about Turnpike is the customer centric approach and how the solution without any compromise is positive to all parties in the consumer interaction”, says Henrik Widman.

Turnpike is growing fast with retail clients like H&M Group and ICA, using innovative tech as a catalyst for staff to build better personal relationships with consumers.

The grocery sector has been early to jump on the bandwagon. The number of Coop stores implementing Turnpike is growing from it's first installation in Gotland (see video) this winter and during april Willys started a national roll-out of Turnpike in Sweden (see video 2).

”Turnpike is entering a very strong growth face and to accommodate and capture our expansion we need a professional and experienced team to make sure we bring the best possible value to every conversation. I am very pleased and excited to have Henrik Widman joining us to lead our commercial agenda based on his great experience and personality, welcome onboard!” says Jonas Borglin, CEO of Turnpike Group.

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Turnpike is transforming the way retail and hospitality employees work. We enable seamless discreet communication between management and staff that drives real-time customer service and engagement. Our solutions make employees more productive, more empowered, and more motivated.

In partnership with Microsoft, Turnpike has attracted the attention from giants like H&M Group and IKEA. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2016 by Carl Norberg, Björn Ögren and Peter Carlsson (Northvolt).

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