SCOP3 Group’s Welcoming The Purist Villas & Spa, Ubud

SCOP3 Group’s Welcoming The Purist Villas & Spa, Ubud as Its Newly Signed Contracting Service Client

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Indonesia, 12 April 2022 – SCOP3 Group, a strategic marketing advisory agency offering comprehensive services for all aspects of hospitality consulting, welcomed The Purist Villas & Spa Ubud, Bali as its Contracting Service client. Contracting Service is one of the three pillars of hospitality sales and marketing consultancy under SCOP3 Group, in addition to Communications and Advisory services.

The Purist Villas & Spa Ubud is a boutique resort resided in Ubud, the centre of Bali’s spiritual and artistic side.

The Purist Villas offers a perfectly designed contemporary atmosphere and a deep sense of tranquility. This boutique resort is nestled within the natural Balinese surroundings, a perfect background which can be seen from any part of The Purist.

The Purist Villas & Spa Ubud will show you a stunning view of the rice fields, the traditional rituals, and the cultural activities of the local Balinese people. Brought by the masterminds duo, Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortes who worked closely with architect Joost Van Grieken, created a truly spectacular experience; a tasteful, beautiful Bali retreat designed in harmony with its landscape.

With its six types of suite & villas, The Purist Villas & Spa Ubud in Ubud feature every amenity guests could need for relaxing getaways and family vacations completed with spa in the midst of tranquil jungle ambiance, Café Balisimo – presents a range of seasonal menus based on nutritious, minimally processed ingredients, and the best available fresh products, also Yoga and outdoor activities.

Specifically for The Purist Villas & Spa Ubud as its Contracting Service client, SCOP3 Group will be handling all contracting needs with the domestic and international markets, signing agreements with OTA channels and handling yield management pricing strategies, signing preferred agreements with strategic partner, and providing global database of travel industry’s key players in each market.

“The Purist Villas & Spa Ubud is a magnificent establishment offering an absolute tranquility and serenity with top-notch facilities and services. We are glad to partner up with The Purist Villas & Spa Ubud and with our dedicated team, we are aiming to bring this beautiful property to the highest level of their revenue achievement as well as broaden up the brand awareness that will reach the right segment of avid travelers looking for a luxurious sanctuary in Ubud.” said Rene Mayer, Managing Director of SCOP3 Group.

About SCOP3 Group
SCOP3 Group is a strategic marketing advisory agency equipped with contracting services to maximize revenues. Equipped with a thorough understanding and extensive experience in the high-end hospitality industry, SCOP3 provides an extensive range of services from communication and advisory, to sales and contracting. With a dedicated sales and marketing team, SCOP3 offers full-service solution that starts with consulting, progressing to contract representation, and enhanced with news dissemination and brand awareness through communication and public relations events and activations.

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