Hospitality Asia Event Listing 2022-2023

Hospitality Asia Event Listing 2022-2023

Hospitality Asia Event Listing 2022-2023

Hospitality Asia Event Series

Hospitality Asia Event Series is Escom Events' most influential conference brand which attracts industry contributors in Tourism and Hospitality Communities in Asia. Unlike major investment conferences in the region, which gathers a great number of CEOs, Escom is taking a slightly different approach. We do have a fair number of C-suites who are actively engaging in the programs by providing strategic opinions but we are more inclusively embracing those VPs, GMs and Directors that are involved in actual contract negotiating and daily operations and that we believe possess a closer understanding of how things' done. Furthermore, we have a group of advisers who are dispersed in Asia countries, providing pragmatic and up-to-date insights to help us work out quality programs.

Each of the conference will be attended by 250-400 hospitality and tourism practitioners who are the Property Developers & Investors & Property Owners, Chain Hotel Operators & Independent Hotels, Designers & Architects, Consultants & Analysts & Lawyers, EPC Contractors & Project Management Companies, Technology Providers & Suppliers, etc. The conference will encompass versatile and diverse topics ranging from Planning & Investment to Design & Innovation, from Operations & Guests to Revenue & Distribution.

Hospitality Asia Event Series aims to be and will be one of Asia's prestigious conference brands by providing a unique platform for hospitality professionals to keep abreast with the industry trends, gain insights, exchange ideas as well as to forge partnerships. To find more of what we do, you may visit:


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