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Only Dedicated Ceramic Event. We invite Ceramic Companies and Ceramic Machinery Companies throughout the world to participate in our exhibitions. Some of our achievements such as 800 business matching plus onsite matching in 4 days. Total visitors are more than 30,000 from 20 countries. Currently Indonesian ceramics companies need the Newest machinery in the face of domestic and foreign competition. If your company is engaged in ceramics and ceramic machinery, we are happy to invite you to participate in our exhibition. Book your space now. Open and register in our website


Exhibitor Networking Night is one of activity at Indonesia Building and Construction Week 2019. The activity itended to improve relations between exhibitors.Over 800 business matching in Indonesia Building and Construction Week 2019. Indonesia Trade Connect services to help global customer identify and screening potential business partner in Indonesia prior to exhibition!

The 9th edition of ASEAN’s only dedicated ceramic event
Returning for its ninth edition, KERAMIKA continue to be the dedicated marketplace for the ASEAN ceramics industry to congregate in the largest ceramic producing country in ASEAN and one of the largest ceramic consumers in the world, Indonesia.

ASAKI - The Indonesia Ceramic Industry Association will showcase top Indonesia ceramic manufacturers in KERAMIKA and feature the latest design and technology of Indonesia Ceramic Manufacturers.

KERAMIKA is co-located with the 19th edition of Indonesia Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition and Conference, MEGA BUILD 2020. KERAMIKA 2020 will bring in local and international ceramic manufacturer and supplier of raw materials, equipment, and machineries, to the one of the largest consumers of ceramic tiles and sanitary wares in Indonesia. Presenting three world in one roof, which are:

WORLD OF MACHINERY & TECHNOLOGY - Keramika 2020 will feature over 100 exhibitors covering the entire ceramic manufacturing industry covering equipment, technology, solutions, supplies, and finishing to over 10,000 ceramic industry professionals from the ASEAN region.

WORLD OF CERAMICS - Keramika 2020 will showcase the new launches, design and solution from Indonesia Ceramic Industry Association (ASAKI) manufacturers, bringing the best in class into the exclusive World of Ceramics zone in Keramika 2020.
WORLD OF RAW MATERIALS - Keramika 2020 will display mineral of innovation ceramics raw material. The event is co-located with Indonesia largest building materials show - Mega Build Indonesia 2020.

As part of exhibition, KERAMIKA 2020 will provide world class conference that will be hosted by The Indonesian Ceramic Industry association (ASAKI) and ACIMAC (Italian Association of Ceramic Machinery and Equipment).

Jakarta Convention Center
19 - 22 March 2020
10:00 - 21:00
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+6221 2556 5000
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Senior Project Manager
Mr. Hendra Nolana
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ASAKI Association Liaison
Ms. Desi Lestari ( Local Sales )
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International Sales Manager
Ms. Astri Ratnasari ( International Sales )
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Ass. Marketing Manager
Mr. Wili Tjong ( Media Partner )
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