Uni Restaurant & Bar introduces inventive new menu

Uni Restaurant & Bar introduces inventive new menu

Berawa’s beloved Uni Restaurant & Bar introduces inventive new menu

The seasonally focused fine diner has a handful of new edible innovations to show off.Mespite only opening its doors a few months ago, Uni Restaurant & Bar has quickly established itself as one of Bali’s favourite restaurants. The Berawa fine diner, the side project of Mexicola Group Executive Chef Steve Skelly and Group Service Manager Nicolas Lento, is a haunt for tourists and expats alike, tempted by the restaurant’s innovative seafood-focused dishes.

As the new year arrives it brings with it a new menu from the duo. Just as experimental as previous offerings, this slew of new dishes upholds the same focus on flavour and fresh ingredients.

Updating the restaurant’s menu will be a regular occurrence for Uni, who want to keep guests intrigued. “We need to stay on our toes because we have guests coming two to three times per week,” explains Steve Skelly. “Last week we had a couple in four nights in a row!”

New dishes range from sweet to savoury; tuck into heaped plates of sea urchin fettuccine, topped with caviar and that seaweed butter. Then there’s kombu-cured snapper, paired with seaweed and drizzled with sesame oil, and tuna nigiri, served with caviar and fresh wasabi among others.

Fans of the crab lasagne need not fear. The dish which has gained a cult-like status for the restaurant is Uni’s most popular order and will remain. “People are even asking for it to be on Gojek!” says Skelly.

The sweet of tooth will be pleased to hear that the Skelly’s famed Basque cheesecake will arrive on the dessert menu permanently. The creamy treat will come accompanied by fermented honey, bee pollen and sea salt.

And that’s not forgetting the drinks menu, which will similarly revamp regularly.

Accompanying one of Bali’s best collections of wine, Uni’s drinks list includes a series of unorthodox takes on the cocktail. The latest addition is savoury; a combination of Chinese tea-inspired gin (lapsang souchoung), mixed with tomato water, soda and sage.

Uni’s new menu is available to sample now. The venue serves dinner seven days a week, from 6.00pm to 12.00am.

Uni Restaurant & Bar
Jalan Pantai Berawa no. 99

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