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“I came from a hospitality background and saw that 80 percent of seats in cars weren’t occupied most of the time.”
– John Zimmer


Tourism in Viet Nam is a jewel in Vietnamese development. 2017 was the year of Sustainable Tourism declared by UNWTO. It promoted Tourism not just in Southeast Asia but also around the world. Tourism generates almost 10 % of global GDP and contributes a very large percentage to the total employment.

The General Statistics Office reported that Vietnam received a record high of 12.9 million foreign visitors in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 29.1 per cent. Of the total, 10.9 million tourists arrived by plane while 1.8 million people came to Vietnam through land transportation. About 258,800 visitors came to the nation by seaway.

Approved in 2013, Viet Nam’s Tourism Master Plan 2020, vision 2030 was designed to provide a blueprint guiding Vietnam’s future Tourism Development. This has led to the increase in FDIs; in 2017 real estate attracted capital of US$ 2.5 billion. Decree Number 3 has opened an opportunity for foreign investor and Vietnamese as well to play at Casinos and that has added a feather in the cap for the investor and developers of Hotels and Resorts. This has increased the inflow of the travellers especially from the neighbouring countries like China, Korea and Japan.

EU-Vietnam FTA - The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Vietnam has been described as the most ambitious deal of its type ever concluded between the EU and a developing country. Not only will it eliminate over 99 % of customs duties on goods, it will also open up Vietnamese services markets to EU companies. This will also bolster exchange of visitors between the two regions further boosting tourism and the trend would be favourable for Vietnam’s lucrative climate as well.

Another perspective to look forward to is the extensive eastern coastline and several untouched regions in the Vietnam offering opportunities for Waterfront Development and with enhanced air connectivity locally and globally and the two airlines – Vietnam Airlines and Viet Jet Air seeking global expansion of fleet and operations, the future looks bright for the sector. It is further predicted that the country expects to receive up to 17-20 million international visitors and 82 million domestic visitors by 2020.

This steady growth in both international and domestic tourism; the opening of more international- branded properties and tourist accommodation establishments. With over 150 new 4 star and 5 star properties in the pipeline to open by 2020, the industry offers extensive opportunity to Project Management, Investment, Architecture, Green Building, Leed Certification and Operations aspect.

With an advent of so many opportunities, Bricsa Consulting is having their 3rd Annual Global Hotels and Resorts – a 2-day strategic business program scheduled on 23rd & 24th September, 2019 at Mai House Saigon Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We will bring the relevant Ministries, Hotels And Resorts Developers, Architectures, Solution Providers and many more all under one roof where they would be presenting and discussing about the latest industry updates; also there will be knowledge sharing about the present and future trends and development in Real Estate market.

Vietnam Project Pipeline [Source:]


An insight on the development of 7 tourism zones with specific tourism products , 46 national tourist areas; 41 national tourist spots; 12 tourist cities and other key tourist spots

Exploring the opportunity for over $340 million investment in tourism and infrastructure at the Delta region

Outlining the new marketing campaigns for ASEAN tourism in 2019 and beyond
Understanding of Decree Number 3 in regards to present and future regulations that can transcend the current trends in market



Ms. Vanya Trần
General Director

Vietnam Hotel and Resort Pro (VHRPRO), Vietnam

Ms. Nguyễn Thanh Bình
Director – Hotel Department

Vietnam Administration of Tourism (VNAT), Vietnam

YBhg. Dato Haslina bt. Abdul Hamid
Deputy Secretary General (Tourism)

Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Malaysia

Mr. Try Chhiv
Deputy Director General of Tourism Industry, Director of the National Committee for Tourism Professionals Secretariat

Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia

Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa
Deputy Director

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, Vietnam

Dr. Frans Teguh, MA
Director of Strategic Management

Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia

Dr. Jai Kookana
Principal Analyst

Tourism Research Australia, Australia Trade and Investment

Mr. Minh Tu Nguyen
Vice President

Association for Vietnam- Asian Economic Cooperation, Vietnam

Mr. Sérgio Pereira da Silva

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal, Vietnam

Mr. Greg Spicer
Chief Executive Officer

Xn protel Systems, Singapore

Mr. Siddharth Goenka

Buzzotel, India

Mr. Michele D’Ercole

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

Mr. Bernard Kee
Regional Manager

STR, Southeast Asia

Mr. BK Sinha
Board Member

Malaysia Green Building Council

Mr. Miquel Angel Perez Martorell
General Manager

Oakwood Worldwide, Vietnam

Mr. Paul D. Volodarsky
Senior Associate, Ho Chi Minh City


Mr. Deepak Ohri

Lebua Hotels and Resorts Co. Ltd , Thailand

Mr. Niall Murray
Founder & Chairman

Murray International Group, Macau

Mr. Martin Klaasen
Founder and Director

Klaasen Lighting Design (KLD)

Drs. Dewa Gede Ngurah Byomantara

Bali Tourism Institute (STP), Indonesia

Ms. Jella Serger
Global Sub Segment Manager in Retail & Hospitality

Signify, Vietnam

Mr. Tuan Nguyen
Director of development Vietnam


Dr. Long Pham Hong
Dean, Lecturer Faculty of Tourism Studies

Vietnam National University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Mr. Kevin Wallace

Lonoma Limited, Vietnam

Mr. David Hashim
Founder, Group President and Director

VERITAS Design Group

Mr. Jason Hutchings
Senior Design Director

Atkins, Hong Kong


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