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Summer at The Rosé Social 

You have even more reason to rosé all day with the launch of the special new summer menu at Rosé Social in Seminyak. The specialty rosé, which neighbours Botanica in one of Bali’s most popular districts, is excited to take your tastebuds on a trip to Cannes with its new slew of dishes inspired by the South of France, home to the best of the world's rosy hued wine.

All dishes on the new menu are designed to be shared among friends and designed to pair well with Rosé Social's lengthy array of rosé. Enjoy plates of Flores oysters topped with rosé vinaigrette, ginger jelly and fresh herbs or steak tartare created from Warnambool beef, capers, pickles, cured egg yolk and a crusty sourdough baguette. Guests will also be able to satisfy those cheese cravings, with a cheese board on the menu featuring an ever-changing selection from Bali's adored local producers, served alongside lavish and quince paste.

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