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4.000 Tourism Leaders will meet at Uzakrota Travel Summit Istanbul

Uzakrota Travel Summit, among the most important events in the tourism sector will be organized for the 6. times in Istanbul. The Summit will take place at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus in Istanbul on the 13th of December and will include professionals from tourism and media sectors, business representatives and IT professionals.

The main sponsors of the event which will be held on 13 December 2019 at Hilton Bosphorus Convention Centre are SKYhub, Emirates Airline, Atlasglobal and IRC International Residency and Citizenship and this year, the event evolved further in the meaning of both concept and content with the participation of more than 4.000 local and foreign tourism professionals in 3 conference rooms, 6 scenes and addition Hotelspro B2B Area and HotelRunner Lounge.

Last year, Uzakrota Travel Summit which has chosen as one of the most effective 10 tourism events by Bidroom, will bring together travel agencies, tourism tech firms, hotels, agencises serving the tourism industry and bloggers from Turkey and the countries from the close circle will be the most effective tourism summit of Turkey as in the past years.

More than 150 speakers will adress topics such as “Role of the Internet in the Destination Marketing", "Power of Emerging Markets and Online Platforms", "The Present and Future of Online Platforms", "Effect of Payment Platforms on End-Users", "Future Travel Groups and Marketing Strategies“ and "How Google Affects Tourism and Travel Industry? Why will SEO be More Important in 2020?" on 6 scenes in 63 sessions.

Speakers becoming clear to take part of the event.

Luis Cabrera -CEO- Lonely Planet, Firuz Bağlıkaya -Chairman- Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, Mete Vardar -CEO- Jolly Tour, Wolf Paunic -CEO- Trafalgar Travel, Robert Andrzejczyk -President- Polish Tourism Organization, Kristjan Staničić -President- Croatian National Tourism Board, Ali Onaran -CEO- Prontotour, Kaan Karayal -CEO-, Mehmet Erdoğdu -CEO- Golden Bay Tour , Velit Gazel -CEO- Gazella Turizm, Oktay Temeller -Director- Setur Tourism, Zekeriya Şen -General Manager- Fest Travel, Mert Dorman – President of Corporate Marketing and Distribution Channels-Turkish Airlines, Oğuz Karakaş -CEO - Biletbank and Petur, Gideon Dov Thaler -Founder- Tal Aviation, Felix Shpilman -CEO- Emerging Travel Group ( & Ratehawk & ZenHotels), Gianluca Laterza -Southern & Eastern Europe Territory Manager- Tripadvisor, Michael Ros -COO & Co-Founder-, Tim Hentschel -CEO- HotelPlanner, Tolga Habalı -CEO- IRC – International Residency & Citizenship, Mustafa Korkmaz -General Manager- Hotelspro, Nima Qazi -CEO- Alibaba Travel, Dündar Özdemir -CEO - Wirecard, Kemal Geçer –General Manager- Lufthansa Group Iraq and Turkey, Bahar Birinci -Bulgaria, Romania ve Turkey Regional Manager- Emirates Airline, Nevzat Arşan -Deputy General Manager- Atlasglobal, Çağlar Erol -CEO- Enuygun, Özkan Hacıoğlu -CEO- , Yaşar Çelik -CEO-, Bertan Aner -CEO-, Kadir Kırmızı -CEO- , Miodrag Popovic -Director- Tourist Organization of Belgrade, Arden Agopyan -CEO- HotelRunner, David Mora -Master’s Degree Program Director- Escuela Universitaria Internacional de Management Turístico, Rebin KH. Mustafa -Managing Director- Moonline & Babylon Booking and Valentin Dombrovsky –Founder- Travelabs on 13 December, with the participation of these names below more than 150 speakers will be at Uzakrota Travel Summit.

4.000 local and international visitors will be at Uzakrota Travel Summit where SKYhub Main Hall, Neredekal Tourism Tech, Emirates Tourism Marketing and Turkish Airlines Corporate Travel Halls and in addition HotelRunner Lounge and Hotelspro B2B Area which is organised all around the world, and the foyer area will take place.

Uzakrota team will organize a boutique event on 27 September in London before the giant summit will take place in Istanbul with the participation of 250 people and bring together the industry representatives.

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