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Highlights include investor pitching sessions, panel discussions and face time with top buyers

SINGAPORE, 1 April 2019 – Explore the latest developments in food technologies and how they are  revolutionising various facets of the speciality food and drink industries at Speciality & Fine FoodAsia  (SFFA) 2019 and Restaurant, Pub & Bar Asia (RPB Asia) 2019’s inaugural SG Food Tech Week.

Held over three days, SG Food Tech Week, developed in consultation with Edelman Predictive Intelligence Centre, will bring together the top minds in food and beverage technologies and consultancies with policy makers to uncover key challenges and opportunities in this space. The keynote session and panel discussions will focus on topics like blockchain and its impact on supply chain management, big data trends and smart manufacturing and how to balance the power of predictive technologies with consumer privacy*. Themes for each session will also be co-curated by SFFA and RPB Asia’s panel of Industry Ambassadors to ensure that the content is relevant and tailored to the specific needs of participants.

Jonathan Hargreaves, Vice Chairman, Edelman Predictive Intelligence Centre says, “Predictive data and technologies are integral to doing business in today’s landscape. It is now vital for companies, in addition to learning how to utilise and implement such technologies, to understand their target consumers’ interaction with big data and intelligence. This will then help determine what customers really want, the type of data and technology needed to grow the business and more importantly, build consumer trust.”
Start-ups and SMEs in this space will also be invited to showcase their latest technologies in the second instalment of the highly successful investor pitching series PITCH!. The competition will focus on spotlighting the latest technological solutions and innovations that tackle pressing hospitality challenges, streamline workflow and address the need for sustainability in various food production processes. PITCH! will be split into two different tracks focusing on hospitality and production solutions on day one and sustainability on day two, providing contestants with valuable face time with industry heavyweights,investors and mentors.

“Food and technology have become increasingly interconnected over the years with the impact of new technologies on this industry far reaching and diverse. SG Food Tech Week provides accessible ways for food producers and brands to do a deep dive and explore which technologies work best for their business,”

says Christopher McCuin, Managing Director of Montgomery Asia. “Through PITCH!, start-ups in the food technology field will also have the opportunity to bring to the table cutting-edge technologies and innovations and present them to potential investors to secure new distribution channels and funding. This is such an exciting time for our industry, and we look forward to discovering more of such revolutionary and disruptive technologies at the shows.”

Details on the keynote and panel sessions can be found in Appendix A. More information on keynote and panel speakers will be announced closer to the show. SFFA and RPB Asia will be held from 17 – 19 July 2019 at Suntec Singapore.

*Keynote session and panel discussion topics subject to change



Wednesday, 17 July: Keynote – The Future of Food
Agriculture has come a long way in the past century. We produce more food than ever before, but our
current model is unsustainable. As the world’s population rapidly approaches the 8 billion mark, this poses a real conundrum: How do we sustainably and nutritiously feed all these people in ways that don’t harm the planet? Technology encompasses significant potential to transform global food systems into drivers of sustainable development with ground-breaking innovations such as lab-grown meat and 3D food printing – but is technology the only solution?

Focusing on advancing food security, safety, and sustainability, this session serves to identify current and future opportunities and challenges in Asia, as well as to address how new technologies could help to strengthen global food security.

Thursday, 18 July: Deep Dive – Blockchain, Traceability & Transparency
Hyped as a potentially game-changing pioneering innovation in meeting the increasing regulatory and consumer pressure on complex supply chains, blockchain technology is inspiring change and innovation in the F&B industry to ensure traceability, safety and transparency across its supply chain. Although it is still at its early stages, blockchain technology offers the promise of disruption on a huge scale across the F&B industry. With the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications, how the F&B industry can harness the power of it is a key question for many.

Thursday, 18 July: New Tables – The Latest Platforms in Food Tech
Whether we are ready to admit it or not, we have witnessed technology become the driving force behind many companies in long-standing industries over the past decade. There is no surprise that years from now, the food we eat today – and the systems behind it – may seem as outdated as a phone without apps.

Explore how technology is accelerating the development of the industry – formulating nutrient-rich productswithout compromising on taste, tech-enabled grocery shopping, the booming food delivery scene – and what to expect over the horizon.

Friday, 19 July: Deep Dive – Big Data Trends
Big data, the science of compiling unwieldy bulk information and turning it into bite-sized chunks of manageable information, is transforming business in many ways due to the sheer amount of information and insight it offers. From consumer purchasing behavior, supply chain transparency and management and quality control, find out how you can best leverage on the power of big data for your business.

Friday, 19 July: Smart Food Cities
A Smart City revolution is currently sweeping the world. Day after day, people and the cities are getting smarter. All thanks to data and technology, the future of the F&B industry just seems to have no surmountable boundaries – providing solutions in improving manufacturing and logistics operations to drive efficiencies and chipping away at global hunger problems with the increasing connectivity, the F&B industry is ultimately transforming. With this, what does the future entail for the city, brands, retailers, consumers?

*Keynote session and panel discussion topics subject to change

About Speciality & Fine Food Asia and Restaurant Pub & Bar Asia 
Organised by Montgomery Asia, Speciality & Fine Food Asia (SFFA) and Restaurant Pub & Bar Asia (RPB Asia) are dedicated trade platforms that connect gourmet food & drink producers and purveyors with decision makers in the retail, foodservice and hospitality sectors, providing companies an excellent platform to discover new trends, expand their business and reach the right buyers. The third edition of the shows will be held from 17 – 19 July 2019 at Suntec Singapore and will feature an expanded programme line-up including fringe events, competitions, as well as a more diverse range of chefs, bartenders and speciality food and drink products and technologies. SFFA and RPB Asia will also see the launch of the new Industry Ambassadors programme, harnessing the power of industry insights to ensure that the needs of suppliers and buyers are fully catered to.

About Montgomery Asia
Established in 2016, Montgomery Asia is a fully-owned subsidiary of Montgomery. It focuses on the growing Asian market, bringing the group’s flagship events to this region as well as developing new trade shows that meet the needs of the Asian market.
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